Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've got a couple of posts brewing in my mind at the moment that i want to share with you but have no time at all right now! lol :)
The best i can do is jot them down here for later reference....

* Share about our fun day to Sydney this week - a really spontaneous decision but such a fun one!
* Next installment in the 'Have a heart' series...
* An overview of our homeschooling year (this one will be a big one i think!)
* Just some other things but having said all of that, I may not get even one of these posted...we'll see.

In other random news from here....

Tomorrow we have our mother's group families coming for our end of year get together. We just hang out, eat together and for the first time we've hired some entertainment - a reptile guy coming to do a special show for all the kids. Sounds like fun (ahem as long as they stay behind their cages!!!) Then on Sunday we are getting to catch up with our good mates Pete and Tiff and their beautiful kids (our God kids). Its been about 4 years since they have been here as a fam so we are looking forward to chilling out together.

Other than that, just doing some cleaning around the place, some reorganising too. Next week we have the Board of Studies officer coming to check out Liji's homeschooling program which will be good to have ticked off my list before the end of the year.

We have a full week ahead next week too with people dropping in for a meal two nights (so far anyway!)

Zippi is crawling from one end of the house to the other now (i should say dragging herself), saying 'mum' 'dad' and 'bub', picking up her doll when you say 'where's dolly?', playing peek a boo (we say 'hide away' and she does and then say 'peek a boo' and she peeks out!!!) She eats like a horse and is almost self-weaning. She'll be 8 months this coming week.

The other kids are going so well too...the boys especially with their reading and writing, Stass with her writing and spelling in particular. We've had a hard couple of weeks with kids' attitudes but again I love that about homeschooling b/c you can forget about other things and put them on hold and really work on areas that need it! Plyaing Uno is about maths but becomes more of a tool to use to teach how important it is to speak kindly and be a good sport. Going on excursions are fun and also teach how to show respect to others when out and about and how to be 'quick to listen' (part of our current memory verse from James 1:20) This morning Stass and Eth sat together reading his readers. She was such a darling. While I was reading with Liji, I could hear her saying, 'Ethi you are doing so well! I can't believe how quickly you are growing up mate!!!' lol :) Such a darling. Ethi put on a load of washing by himself this morning, Liji cleaned the bathroom without arguing and Zippi is nicely into a 2 big sleeps a day routine. There are downs too sometimes with my focus lately being teaching Ethi to not melt down after every single thing that doesn't goes his way, teaching Liji to not speak with such an angry voice which he currently does way too often in a day and teaching Stass to have self control over the way she speaks when the boys are annoying her. That kind of instruction can be draining and ongoing but it is essential and I know that we will reap a harvest of righteousness from it later on. Maybe much later on but i am trusting the Lord that it will happen :)

So the ups and downs are here but there are many more ups than downs and i love being here with my kids each day.

Ok, well must jet but hope everyone has a brilliant weekend.
In less than 20 days I get to see both Anth (first time she will have met Zippi) and my sister. Can't wait!!!

More another time,
Lus x


Sarah Slaven said...

Thanks for that post it’s really encouraging to read about how you are going. There is such truth in your writing it makes me less stressed that the 'Quick tidy up' I had planned before we did anything today is still going on and that it took till 3:20 this afternoon for them to get that it works a lot easier if you cooperate and don't sabotage your siblings efforts. Ups and Downs :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lus

Glad you are feeling need to do a post when you are....I was worried about you :)

Lots of love
Kaz xx

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
You are doing a wonderful job of bringing up your children in the nurture of the Lord. :)

Clever Ethi and Liji! :D

Stass sounds like she is learning well from you, too, and very positive in her attitude.

Have a great weekend,

Melanie B said...

Wow lusi I don't comment often but I come here every week! I love the realness and rawness from you. So many of your situations seem to reflect my daily life And my challenges. It is always so awesome to just trust Him and try better each new day and also knowing that other people go through stuff and sharing& encouraging each other, it makes it easier. Thanks. Mel xxx

lusi said...

Hi Mel!
I'm so glad you stop by! :) He is so worthy of our trust hey and to me it makes me understand and appreciate His complete FAITHFULNESS when I am so miserably flawed and unfaithful. I'm also glad of His ability to wipe away my guilt and shame and know that He is covering over me.
God bless you as you walk hand in hand with Him.
Love Lusi x


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