Monday, October 19, 2009

The wonder of it all...

Fresh snow peas...the first pick from the garden for the very first time ever...

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. That when my kids are fighting, screaming, arguing, hurting, whatever-ing I can reach out to the God who handcrafted them and ask Him for help and mercy
2. A great hospital nearby (not that we've needed it recently but just thankful for it anyway)
3. Sun hats
4. Finding great free resources online that help us for homeschooling
5. Great events planned this week - lots of fun and love

Lus x
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caz1975 said...

Congrats on your first harvest :-) I can't wait till our little veggie patch starts growing veggies!!

Jasmine said...

Oh - how exciting. I really need to get organised and start a few *manageable things in pots here.

AMEN to your first *thankful* point. I need to right that down and stick it on the fridge. We're having one of *those* arvos today... {praying and taking deep breaths lol}

Jas xx

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Praise God for granting the increase!

Anonymous said...

How exciting is that!!! Lucky you dont have a dog :( She dig our up, so we are planting strawberries and tomatoes in pots again this year, but guess what???? She dug them up toooooo!!! Grrrr.

Bring on Hartley :)

Kaz :)

Sarah said...

Good Morning Lusi...I am so pleased you dropped by...thank you! Look forward to reading more of your posts and hearing about your journey. xxx

Little Miss M Creations said...

Dearest Lus,
How exciting for the kids! now all you need are a couple of chickens and you will be self sufficient!

Sarah Slaven said...

yay for snow pea's they look so nice well done litle gardeners. Do you use anything to keep the bugs off?

Leanne said...

Your garden looks fantastic!! Water restrictions aren't doing ours any favours. :(

Have a great day!

Jo said...

Look delicious - love snow peas

Jo :)

Chrissy said...

Ohhhh HOW exciting!!! I *love* snow peas too, were they hard to grow?


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