Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanks to Kerryn for compiling this list....

I completely copied this whole lot from my mate Kerryn's Blog. She + I have quite a bit in common and an interest in organising is one of them :) Now believe me when I say that my house is not always the most organised place on earth or anything (and who cares) but i still do enjoy thinking of ways to create more space, use the space we have more efficiently and i am really enjoying making my place a lovely spot for our family (and others) to just BE :)

So here's what Kerryn wrote on her blog recently...
Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Organisation Motivation
I recently made a
Facebook post about browsing some Home Organisation websites and quite a few people wanted links. I promised a blog post listing my favourites, and so, here they are. I often read and browse these blogs and sites when looking for a solution to a storage problem or just for inspiration. With a family of six, space is always at a premium and being organised is essential to a calm and hapy household. I definitely don't have all the answers and am always looking for new systems and ideas.They are a bit of a hobby/obsession for me to be honest ;) If I spent half as much time actually organising as I do browsing home organisation sites my house would be perfect!
Peace of Mind
Creative Organising
Organisation Junkie
DIY Organization
Mom Advice
Cindy Salzmann
Well Planned Woman
Organize Our Family
Life Hacker
Clean Sweep
Home Hints
Suite 101
Life Organisation
Organized Home
Home Organization Help
Peter Walsh
Chez Larsson
Family Corner
Family Education
Better Budgeting

Now i haven't been onto all of these myself but i thought there might be a few of you out there (Karel!!!) who might be keen to have a squiz :)

Thanks again Kerryn :)
Love Lus x

oh and 5 things I am thankful to my Lord for tonight...

1. A lovely farewell dinner tonight at church with most families present to farewell and pray for some friends of ours. It was a beautiful evening.
2. Peace that often comes with a sense of order although i've also experienced great peace in the midst of stormy turblent chaotic times too!!!!!
3. Tuna + balsamic vinegarette :)
4. A lovely sunny day
5. Having my family who love me with me


Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi

Thanks for sharing these. I really like the Family corner one but when I clicked on a few of the links for gardening I soon realised that they were speaking about USA seasons so what they were recommending didnt apply for here at this time of the year. Given you are a bit of a self confessed Organsier -holic??? do you know if there is a website, just like this one, in Australia? Id love a lick (I mean link) to one.
I never know when I should be pruning, fertilising etc... and if there was a website that told you what you should be doing every season in Australia, that would be awesome.

Kaz :)

Scrapsister said...

Hi Kaz...hope it's OK for me to answer ;)
I found a few Ausie links for you. Hope they might help.

lusi said...

Kerryn you are a champ! Thanks for helping out on this one :)
I find Rhonda Jean's blog completely inspirational's and she has just started a new forum which I registered with and you could too mate and just jump on in and ask away! The addy for that is...hmm somewhere that i can't find right now and i need to go to bed but you can definitely find it via Rhonda's blog. If you can't just give me a holler mate :)
Love Lus x

Scrapsister said...

Oh that looks fantastic Lusi! I'll add that one to my list too :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou ladies, I will look up some of these links. xx

Kaz :)


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