Wednesday, October 21, 2009

He is my help. He really is.

For about the 8th day in a row now, Liji has had massive meltdowns. It is so heart breaking to watch. He gets so frustrated with himself, with us all, with just life in general. I don't think i ever dreamed I would feel so helpless, powerless as a mother to help. And yet, there are moments through it that he is fine. There are times when he is being just plain naughty and there are times during it where you can see the lack of ability to process, focus, plan and organise the things going on in his brain. It makes me thankful for the good times which are more normal now than these times.

Zippi has screamed half the morning. Not happy at all. She's finally dropped off :)

This morning someone breathed into the half full 3 litres of milk while i was on the phone to my mum. Another child said, 'that's not hygenic' and poured said half full 3 litre container of milk down kitchen sink. :(

Sink is full of pots and pans, baking dishes and a wok that did not get washed up last night after we had a celebration here for my dear friend who we saw come to know Jesus 2 years ago here in our home. On the anniversary of her baptism we have a bbq here for her family. It was beautiful :) We each said something that we love about her; something we are thankful to God for about her.

My other lovely friend Ellie had been here yesterday too; picnicing, shopping, cooking and supping with us. It was so wonderful to share that time together even in the midst of the chaos that is sometimes our lives!

So while there are pots and pans and all that still to wash, I again am reminded about the wonderful thing that we had to celebrate yesterday; a life transformed, a family of lives transformed in fact because of the Gospel lived out in my friend's life! Friendships celebrated, time spent together - these things equate to so much more than a sink full of dishes!

The house needs a good clean and I am off to do that while bubba is cat napping :)

Bread to put on. Clothes to wash. Regular cleaning activities to do. It is hard juggling all this stuff isn't it but i truly believe it is such a call to sevanthood; one i would never have understood before being a mum to a few small children. And not in the 'look at me, i'm such a matyr' kind of way either. But a real loving, serving, i-want-to-be-here-for-you-because-i-love-you kind of way. Finding joy in the mundane is hard but it is there. I have it today even despite how full on the day has already been. And it is not a joy that naturally comes from within me. It is a joy that comes from my Lord, my God. The joy of the Lord is my strength!

*Homeschooling* happening all around me even as I type this. The neigbour over the back who adores the children gave some petrified wood for their nature table. The kids were out in their pj's yesterday with binoculars at 8am checking out the 'masked lap-wing (a bird) is back!!!' And that was before any of the more 'formal' bookwork was being done!

I have a weekly menu and shopping list to write out.

I have 2 more baby blessing mini albums to make up before 7.30pm tonight when all the women from our church are coming here to celebrate the impending arrival of 4 more babies! yep one mumma is having twins and two of my other dear friends are having babies too. So a triple baby blessing and it IS a JOY to have these here, to open our home and celebrate together. There will be a few games, lots of fellowship, some yummy food and of course prayer and worship to God over these women and babies lives.

Mum and dad rang earlier and said, 'we woke up this morning and really felt like we should come up today. Is that ok?'

What provision! I explained about how full on the day had already been and what else I needed to get done and they said, that they would LOVE to come up and help and spend time with the kids while I needed to do whatever I need to. Isn't that God's way? He goes before us! He is my deliverer and provider! He makes a way when the circumstances seem overwhelming. He is the calm in the storm. He is so wonderfully thoughtful. It was like a gift from him to me this morning and one I felt was worthy of sharing.

Do you feel weighed down like I did? Do you have a load too hard to carry today? Offload it to the Lord! He is more than willing to help you (and me!) in the big and small ways.

He is worthy of all my praise!!!

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Knowing my friend Pam and her family and seeing the Lord's miraculous and mighty hand working constantly in their lives
2. My mum and dad listening to the Holy Spirit's prompting and being so willing to come and serve and share and help
3. Our mates Ian and Helen
4. Candles
5. Having a home that the Lord has so wonderfully provided for us; being able to use it - fling open the doors and have wonderful times of refreshing here.

"I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of the heavens and the earth."
- Psalm 121

More another time :)
Lus x


Jo said...

What a day - I always try to find something positive in all I do - hard at times and tomorrow can only get better!!! And isn't it wonderful to know that the Lord is walking every step with you, guiding you - he will only give you what you can handle.

God Bless

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Praise God for your parents, who are willing to help!

The Bible verse that I love is:
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

...and you have certainly given thanks to Him.

Anonymous said...

Chaos is all around us. I have had a massive headache all day, battled through work, then off to Penrith to the Orthodontis and home again to a pile of dirty dishes, clothes needing to be folded, and to be washed and unfinished homework and general yuk everywhere. BUT I am going to bed, knowing that it will all still be there waiting for me to tomorrow :(

Im pleased (well not so pleased really) that Im not on my own in these feelings. I smiled when I read your post, because I too had a hard day and I know it will pass.

I love reading your posts.


Kaz :)

singing mama said...

Wow lusi what a full on time you are having!!! I am so glad that things began to look 'up' for you and that your parents could come and help. I hope they baby blessing went well , how special it is to celebrate bubbas mamas and new life. I am also reading your post with wistfulness and wondeing when God is going to come thru for me. I know this road is narrow but right now I am barely holding on. Not trying to be a downer just saying I understand those days!
Luv Donna


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