Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sometimes I just like to hide away...

Actually, I was standing at our kitchen sink the other day washing up when I really felt like God said to my heart, 'close off your blog right now'. I may never know why He said that at that moment but one thing I have learnt over the past 10+ years of walking closely with Him; it is better to listen and obey quickly than fight, argue + procrastinate! I think blogging (and what i think people think of me) can become an almost obession or an addiction or something ridiculous. That's when I know He calls me to pull back. Breathe. Start again when it is right. This arvo it was right.

Random thoughts for today...

* This weather is bizzarre - singlet shirts one minute, wet weather gear the next, hail + snow flakes too.
* Things of beauty can be simple treasures
* Worshipping God at the kitchen sink with rubber gloved arms raised, singing Casting Crowns songs + having a very beautiful 7 yr old daughter singing along next to me in abandoned worship is one of the most wonderful blessings I've known.
* I don't always have to feel like i have to justify myself to people. I am who I am and am becoming who He is making me to be. No more. No less. Period.
* It's almost a year since Brett + I (and zip in utero!) went to New Zealand.
*I knitted late last night.
* Zippi is enjoying a mix of 10 fresh vegies Brett cooked up on the weekend. He's done that for all our kids and she is LOVING her food right now :)
* The kids are playing really well together - setting up shops, playing 'magnetix', playing chess against each other, making watercolour pictures using Crayola Washables textas.
*God is in the midst of all the circumstances, thoughts + realities of my life. Always.
* I'm wanting to sew this week.
* Zip is now in her own room so having been setting that up + rearranging stuff (as always!) She is now waking only twice between 7.30pm and about 7am (roughly) usually once before midnight and once around 3am. I'm really grateful for this change and it was so right for us all :)
* The house is getting there. Slowly. But it is.
* Tonight I plan on sewing.
* Last night we had a fun family movie night.
* This arv I've eaten an entire box of chicken Snakatas. Yum.

What have you been up to?
Love + peace,
Lus x


caz1975 said...

Nice to have you back after your short break Lusi, and who you are, just as you are is awesome!!!

singing mama said...

hey lovely Lusi,
just saying a quick hello :)
Always good to hear whats going on around your place!
Talk to you soon :)

Luv Donna

lusi said...

Hello beautiful girls :)
Thanks for the warm love + sending snuggles back to you both!
Lus x

lusi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Lus

We are back from the NT! Had a fab time and wondering if I cant catch up with you one day next week???

Love the new pics at the top of your blog.

Kaz :)

lusi said...

Hi Kaz! Was only thinking of you today!!! Glad you are back safe and sound :) Would love to catch up next week. Maybe thurs? will give you a call when i get a chance. love lus x


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