Thursday, October 8, 2009


spent 2 hours trying to sew something.

(insert beautiful pic here of crafty amazing-ness!)

um. it didn't work.

it will not defeat me - i will not let my lack of sewing ability defeat me.

no i shall not.

lol :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. A life changing phone call
2. "Lord I lift my friend to you" - casting crowns
3. enjoying a yummy curry dinner with my lovely parents tonight
4. zippi sleeping through for the first time last night
5. getting in to see our dr today (who is so wonderful and always so generous with her time for us) + that ethi could walk again today. hoping to get the ultra sound/x rays done on his feet sometime over the coming days. so thankful that he is not in constant pain with it.

L x


Sarah Slaven said...

what happened to Ethan? I hope he's alright, praying for healing.

lusi said...

Hi Sarah :) Thanks for your prayers. Ethi has suffered on and off with pains in his feet, knees and shins for the past 2 years or so. We initially just thought they were *growing pains* but after they kept persisting (not all the time mind you) we got him checked over by 2 dr's. One did xrays and bloods but found nothing. The other said she thought it was just growing pains too. However they are still there - like i say on and off - but when they come they are really painful. My regular dr yesterday said he needs ultra sounds and xrays again as she thinks it could be something called a ganglion; a little cyst that she thinks might me on a nerve in his foot.
When he couldn't walk yesterday we prayed over him and an hour later it was better. He said, 'God made me better mum!' Yay :) The Lord uses all these small opportunities to teach our kids about how much he cares for them hey :)
Love to you all!
Lus x

Tara said...

Oh Lusi, I so feel for Ethan. I used to get really bad pains in my legs... it would keep me awake at night in tears. Mum and dad would rub heat rub into it for some relief. I had it for years - I also found that keeping them moving would allieviate the pain. Thankful I don't suffer that any more.

singing mama said...

Oh Lusi, its always a little scary when things are wrong with our kids! Praying that they work out what is wrong and that Ethi is not in too much pain during the 'on' times!

Luv Donna

Karen Day said...

glad to see you are back! i was worried that i wouldnt have access to your blog anymore :)

ill pray for ethi's legs and feet. for a miraculous healing (permanent one!)

for some reason ive been thinking about you a fair bit over the last week or so. although previous it had been about a month or so since i had visited your blog. i hope everything is ok :)

God bless,
xxx K

(oh, Brianna has been talking about God alot lately. although today she told me that God told her that she should have donuts today ... so I dunno about that haha)

lusi said...

Thanks girls for the prayers :) really appreciate it!

Karen!!! How funny mate - I've REALLY been thinking of you stacks and stacks this past month too!!!! Seriously heaps! So glad to hear from you mate. lol about Brianna - Liji tried on 'but God told me to do it' the other day when he was doing something he shouldn't have. We had a little talk about how God wants to lead us in the right ways. Always really good teachable moments around hey :) Hope you are all well matey. Love Lus x

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Thank you for sharing the things that don't work as well as the things that do - makes me feel a little less of a clux. Sewing is not my forte, so I usually don't tackle it unless I have to.

I did sew the children's clothes when they were smaller, but now it's cheaper and easier to go to the op shop. My husband cut out the patterns and the material first, though.

Praying for Ethi, that his legs and feet will be healed completely.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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