Friday, October 23, 2009

Early this morning I witnessed a miracle....

...the miracle of new life entering this world.
It was the first birth I'd been asked to attend (other than my own of course! lol) and it was incredible.
I think of this young girl as a younger sister and have been blessed to know her over the past 5 years; walking with her through some very difficult times. God has done wonders in her life and to be apart of seeing him birth a miracle through her is something I will never ever forget. Never.
To be able to worship over her, pray for her, read scripture over her and with her mum there with me (who is such a special friend and woman) was an honour.
Both mum and bub are recovering well after quite a quick and intense labour in which God's presence filled the room.

Have a lovely weekend :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. A quick and safe labour for our dear Mans
2. Brett's servant heart for others
3. Quick frozen lasagne
4. The beautiful baby blessings last night. Was such a wonderful night of prayer, worship + fellowship. I feel so blessed by God to know these women and stand together on our Rock!
5. Rest


Peta said...

i think all women should see this amazing miracle not just 'have it'... I have been lucky enough to witness 2 birhts both 6 yrs ago - and I will never forget those days.... so glad you were there with & for her :)

Nat said...

Oh woohoo!! Bubby has arrived!! Pass on my my congrats to the family. You gotta tell me what she had and named it :) Oh and what a beautiful experience to be witness to!

caz1975 said...

I was with my sister for my nieces birth and it was the most beautiful, amazing experience ever, I couldn't stop crying for an hour afterwards just from the overwhelming emotion of it all. You've had a busy couple of days with baby blessings and a birth, all beautiful times :-)

On a completely unrelated note I noticed on your list of what you use for home schooling that you use math-u-see. I have been looking into that for next year and just got the demo dvd in the post yesterday. I was just wondering how your experience of it with Liji has been, would you recommend it as a good tool for kids with autism? I am hoping the visual and hands on approach will make maths a bit eaiser and more bearable for my struggling boy!

Leanne said...

How beautiful! I hope this moment in time really strengthens the bond you share.. xx.

Chrissy said...

That is SUCH a precious memory for you Lus, I think it would be amazing to be there for someone during birth...

singing mama said...

Yeah I witnessed an awesome birth last week as well. It is such a beautiful and wonderous thing!
Luv Donna
ps would love to catch up soon and show off Aurora to you :)


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