Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breastfeeding cover, Ellie + Our Fam...

I made this breast feeding cover last night for my friend who just had her beautiful little bubba. She's having a really great go at feeding him despite a few obstacles and she liked my cover so much that I thought she might like one too. I chose the fabric a while back from Spotlight and used a complimentary stripey material for the back.

You can see the boning here which makes the centre part nice and raised so you can still have eye to eye contact with bubba. There are 2 D rings on in too to help keep it stable around her neck. Really pleased with the way it turned out for my first go!

Other random shots....
Aunty Ellie's visit the other day - on our picnic :) Poor Zip was not having a good day that day :(

Love you Elle :)

Love this pici of little Zip just chilling with her bro's :)

And one beautiful little girl growing up waaaaaaay too quickly! 6 + a half months already!!!

Picking the first crop of snow peas the other day with daddy...

5 things I am thankful for today:
1. Time chatting with Brett while I was creating last night.
2. The Sound of Music
3. Parsley
4. Kaz's generosity
5. Rain

Love Lus x


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
What a beautiful gift!

Zippi is growing so quickly - six months already???

Have a wonderful week.

Megan W said...

Lusi that cover looks awesome, i really love the colours.
id love to see a picture of you using it to see how it works:)
hope you have a great week :)

lusi said...

Hey Megan! Thanks for your comment :) Here's a post from back in April that shows a pic of me feeding Zippi underneath the cover :) She was only a week and a bit old when we went away to Newcastle for the weekend. I was still nervous feeding her in public and the cover REALLY helped.
Hope you are well mate :)
Love Lus x

lusi said...

Whoops! The link is here mate:
Lus x

Chrissy said...

Wow over 6 months seems like yesterday I received that glorious message little Zippi was here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lus

I didnt have any jersey needles in my stash, so sorry. Goodluck with it, you must show me the end product.

Kaz :)

lusi said...

No worries at all Kaz - thanks so much for looking anyway!
Love Lus x


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