Thursday, September 17, 2009

I did this layout 3 years ago today...

It reads...
'yep. in the morning you will be 3. I can't believe it. I've been so caught up sometimes making sure you grow up, that I've neglected to appreciate the fun things about you being how you use the vacuum cleaner cord as a microphone, how you dress up in Stass' princess dress + talk on your pretend phone. Anyway, sweet dreams on the last night you are 2. Love you Liji xxx'

Well on the eve of you turning 6 mate, I wanted to document how beautiful you are! You rae growing up to be a beautiful man of God with such a strong sense of justice + injustice. You have a little waver in your mouth right before you begin telling a lie and then you fess up straight away. You are getting even better at telling the truth straight away nowadays. Zip + you have a very special bond and she cracks up laughing outloud to you. Love that you are beginning to read so well - sounding out all the phonogram sounds and writing them out even all by yourself. You love playing on the trampoline, are really great a baseball on the wii, have beautifully neat bookwork and you love colouring in. You are super quick at putting together jigsaw puzzles + mate you have laugh out loud at jokes and clap your hands together so loudly when you think something is really hilarious! You are getting better at sharing although you have to sometimes be reminded about the best ways to handle a situation if it doesn't go the way you want. Mostly, your prayerful heart and the way you connect with Jesus is something that inspires both me and dad and we are just so excited to see what the Lord holds for you in your future.
Love you our little man :)
Happy last day to ever be 5!
Happy 6th birthday for tomorrow :)
Mumma x


Kaz said...



Sarah Slaven said...

so sweet, I'll be exactly were you are now in a few more months. Are you planning anything special for his birthday?

Megan W said...

Happy 6th Birthday Elijah !!!
Hope your day is as awesome as you are :)


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