Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vegie Garden Update + other random stuff :)

You might remember these that back in JANUARY THIS YEAR Brett began our vegie garden by making some raised beds + filling one of them with the compost that we had been accumulating for over 3 years.
Here was our first attempt IN THAT SAME RAISED BED. And then about a month and a half ago BRETT REPLANTED it and it is going really well! I say Brett because I'm not doing much with it at the moment although I'm watching, asking lots of questions + learning as we go :)

Here's the celery:

the red cabbage is really thriving:


The snow peas are beginning to climb:

And the leeks + brussel sprouts (not pictured) are going well too:

Zippi was really enjoying checking out these beauties. The kids and i looked up their calls online...

Here are 2 more beds (actually there are 3 empty ones plus the planted one) that got the rich soil that I mentioned earlier this week + in the background you can see the compost tumbler which Penelope, our friend from church, kindly gave us...

And here's our full little bed...

We all went out yesterday arv to buy some more plants and seeds. We have got to go in now....12 tomato plants, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, beans and a couple that escape my memory right now.

In other randomness....

* the kids have eaten all the pear jam i made not long ago which is amazing since they ate hardly any of the first batch i made when we first went to the low/mod salicylate diet

* i have conjunctivitis too now - bleh :( and a very sore throat. We are all praying these clear up for the weekend; liji is turning 6!

* zipporah is doing lots of this at the mo - sitting forward! seriously the times is FLYING by...

* have been a bit overwhelmed this week with just stuff. trying really hard to learn to do what i can, leave the rest for another time + not fret about it when i can't get the time to do it all! i'm sure i'm not alone in this. last year, if i didn't get something done on a weekend or whatever i'd just say, 'i'll wait till tuesday when all the kids are at school/preschool' but i don't get to say that this year and that's what we wanted. I'm not complaining about not having time but it is a real challenge + i AM learning that its ok to let somethings go :) That may not make sense to anyone else but it does for me :) And of course most of the time i am getting plenty of snuggle buggles in with all the kids...

* we finished our Corrie Ten Boom read a loud now and have begun Swiss Family Robinson. The boys are loving it! Stassi began reading an abridged version of Pride and Prejudice to herself this week and is enjoying it :)

* The boys' reading is coming along SO WELL!

* Stassi is doing beautifully with her spelling :)

* We had our LAST session with Leanne - Liji's Occupational Therapist yesterday! It coincides with the ending of the Faschia funding which all children under the age of 6 (if they have a diagnosis on the spectrum) receive from the government to help with paying for therapy. Liji's grant runs out this weekend but Leanne said that she's really given us all the info she can and taken him as far as she can! Isn't that great? We looked over past videos yesterday and i was really struck by just HOW FAR God has brought him + us on this journey. Some days are harder than others; some days there is more hand flapping, more running, more hiding, more aggression, more difficult in processing simple info. BUT those days are now few and far between! AND we don't very often cop all those things on the same day! Whereas in the past it was almost ALWAYS like that - now it's HARDLY ever like that! Praise the Lord :) It just makes it so much easier to do things as a family + makes me so happy to see him feel like he can connect with others + understand more of his world around him - AND be a beautiful unique part of that world! God is so good :)

* Yesterday the kids made this outdoor cubby...

* We made up a song to Psalm 121 to help us remember it.
* I've begun to try and keep a little fitter now - watching more closely what i eat and trying to exercise more too. It's really helped to have the accountability of the SOF girls :) Will randomly update my journey progress here too :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Brett's work - consistent + flexible

2. The conjuncitivitis cream working really well on Stass + Eth with it all almost cleared up in Elijah although Zip not so much

3. My favourite verse from Psalm 121 that we've been learning: 'The Lord watches over you, the Lord is your shade at your right hand'

4. Brett cooking tea last night while i got to rest a little

5. The safe fruit that mum's lovely friend Anna sent up for the kids

More another day,

Lus x


Sarah Slaven said...

Wow your posts are so busy. The vegies look great I am missing a veggie garden as I always had one growing up, and chickens too. Thank you for the comment Glenn says "Hi."

It's nice to hear how well Liji is progressing and all the kids with their reading. Do you still like home schooling is there anything you regret, does Stassy miss school? sorry to be nosey but we are very close to deciding to home school next year but I need to be sure, it seems like such a big change and I don't want to get it wrong and then have to go back. We are just so over the made pace of life at the moment and Eli and school seem to clash. Ahhh I wish I was better at decisions.

lusi said...

hi Sarah :)

I grew up with chooks and a MASSIVE veggie garden too so I'm really glad we are having a crack at this for our little fam :)

About much to say! I'll try and post another day in a bit more depth about it all (tho no promises with my track record! lol!) We have LOVED it so far.Challening some days - yes. But worthwhile? We TOTALLY believe so. There are so many different approaches. I think the best advice i was given i will just quickly share with you. Number 1 as a Christian - make sure it is the right thing for your family and is according to God's purposes for you. Each family is different + when the challenges do come, you have a place to turn back to and say but we KNOW we are in God's will so we will persevere through this. That has to be the number 1 reason. I can't stress how important that has been for us.

Number 2...we wrote out some goals for our family. Actually - I wrote them and read them out to Brett + he added in what he thought was important too. Just life goals mostly + hopes for our fam and we wrote about how we thought homeschooling might impact in a postive way on those goals. I have found this another really great reference point when things are a bit tough.

Fruitwise though - there has been SO much new beautiful fruit in our kids' lives -so much that its hard to put into words. Will try another day when I'm feeling slightly more eloquent but really we know we have made the right decision for this season in our lives. When it ceases to be right and we know longer possess God's peace about it, we will send our kids to school if we feel that is the next step. At present, I can't see that happening but then, I'm not God (thankfully everyone says!) lol :)

Not sure if any of that will be useful mate but it is such a different road for everyone. Ours has been full of exciting things so far and I can't wait to see how much more unfolds as the years go by :)

Love to you mate,
Lus x

miss~nance said...

Lusi your garden is going great guns. Royce really wants a garden but i know I will get stuck with all the work. BUt I am ging to plant spuds and more tomatoes this year. Have some pumkin seeds I dried myself so am thinking of maybe popping tose over on th erasied native bed and see if they grow there as they have room to spread whcih they wouldnt in my herb/tmoto garden. Would love to grow snow peas too. I wonder??????

lotsa love, hugs & blessings


lusi said...

Thanks Gail although i really can't take any credit for the garden - i'm learning but Brett is doing a great job with it all!
Sounds like you have been bitten by the gardening bug too - what kind of herbs do you have going at the mo?
Love to you too my friend,
Lus x

Megan W said...

Look at your awesome vegie garden it puts ours to shame;)
So glad to hear that everything is progressing well with Elijah and he seems to be more at poeace with himself, thats just fantastic news.
Hope the rest of your week is as awesome as it can be :)

Deb said...

hey Lusi, not sure if you are aware but you can continue to get some funding for OT or speech through the Enhanced Primary Care plan - need to see your GP to access this but worthwhile if you need to access. It's for a limited number of sessions per year and then you have to go back to the GP to review. Take care x

lusi said...

thanks deb for that :) we've used up 4of the 5 epc visits but i wasn't aware that they could be reviewed. Will check that out with my gp - thanks mate! I also know there are 20 visits on a medicare allowance - went to a seminar on this but i'll have to dig out my notes and see if our ot is covered :) thanks for the reminder!

and Megan - ours is slowly growing but i keep reminding myself that we have to start somewhere! lol :)

Love Lus x

JO said...

You lead a very interesting life - and I love reading your blog and looking at the photos. The veggies look very healthy. I sadly don't have enough space, only in pots:(

Home schooling is fascinating and I enjoying reading about why families decide to go down this path. Both my boys went to conventional schools, but considering some of the issues we had to face including a very nasty case of bullying in year 10 (which still causes much stress more than 12 months late) I wonder what results we would have seen in the boys if we had chosen home schooling.


lusi said...

Hi Jo thanks for dropping by! :) I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble your son endured at school. I myself went to both public and private schools and had an AMAZING education. But not so the case for another family member. It's definitely a case of going where you feel led and like all our parenting, doing the best we can in that moment. I hope he recovers from it soon - bullying in any sphere can be a very traumatic thing.
God bless you Jo!
Love Lusi x


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