Sunday, September 20, 2009

turning 6 in pictures + birthday traditions....

Our birthday mornings always start out the pile onto our bed + we all say happy birthday to our birthday boy/girl + have big kisses + cuddles. The birthday person waits on the bed while the other kids leave the room with a parent + we walk into the room singing 'happy birthday to you...' with present (and camera) in hand. This time it was his first pair of roller blades + safety gear and a book by Max Lucado that he had chosen last time we visited Koorong...

reading of the birthday card... on their 1st birthday our kids get a big party. on their 5th they get to take 2 friends to a playland. the ones in between these we have a small family-extended family (as in grandparents + aunties) celebration. After their 5th birthday they get to choose one friend to take to a cafe + have a special treat just the birthday kid + their mate (and mum) lol :) Liji chose his other mate Elijah (although he is VERY clear Reb you'll be pleased to know- "I have 2 special Elijah's - Elijah C and Elijah Stephen". love it.) Anyway, they had hot chips + i packed a little 'safe' treats bag for them to snack on for the way there. They really enjoyed it. Elijah C gave him his specially made card + pressies there and they got to draw at the cafe as well...

"check out this one mum!"he says wearing his new 'birthday boy' badge. i bought a blue birthday boy and a pink birthday girl badge so that we this can be part of our birthday traditions from now on. He was really excited to wear it for the day...

then we went back home with his little mate + shared a safe cupcake + sang happy birthday to him there too with Stass + Ethi joining in. If our parents are there another birthday tradition here is that the kids play the harmonica (not in tune or anything but they give it a cracker of a blow!) with my dad. It was something he started with them when Stass was about one i think + they have continued it on for the kids as the years have gone by.

In the arvo yesterday we celebrated my beautiful sister in law, Dannii's, 30th birthday (it is her real birthday today - happy birthday dan!) We enjoyed a really lovely time with the families although poor little Zip was a little over being passed around for cuddles by all the aunties! lol! As if you could deprive them of their snuggles - they so rarely get to see our kids but little zippi isn't so much a people person at the moment i think! We had a really nice time altogether + my mum and dad came too. It was lovely especially to see Brett's bro Pete + Megan + the kids again. While we were there everyone sang a happy birthday to Liji boy and he was able to cut his 'safe' 6 cake i had baked for him + our kids to enjoy...

Our birthday boy or girl also gets to choose his/her fave meal for dinner (plus they get out of having to do their chores that day!) and most times they get to do sparklers at night on their birthday too....

Well they are some of the birthday traditions from our place. What about at yours? Anything special you can share that is a winner in your home? I'd love to hear!

5 things I am thankful for today:
1. Having the family round this morning + getting to hang out with my nieces + nephew a bit more :)
2. Enjoying a lovely time of fellowship this arv with the McPhails + the Colmans
3. Brett doing so much washing this weekend
4. How amazing the Lord is at doing miracles in our lives! He just does not cease to amaze me at what He is capable of doing in my life. Praise you my Lord!!!
5. Abby's new little baby Nehemiah being born safely last night. Praise you lord for new life :)
Love Lus x


Jasmine said...

Happy Birthday to Liji for last week :)

It's so great to hear of all your family's traditions. It's so important hey.
We don't have many traditions. But one thing I do each b'day for the kids is - the night before the big day, I blow up HEAPS of balloons and put their presents amongst the balloons in the loungeroom. They get such a buzz waking up to that :) They also get to choose dinner (or lunch sometimes if it's a weekend) - they often choose to go out for pizza or to Fasta Pasta (one of our fave restaurants here in Adelaide). Back in Sydney our extended family always gets together for lunch & cake on each persons b'day - I miss that :(

Love Jas xx

Sumara said...


Sorry I didn't call or anything Lus, I thought of Liji but with all the sick-and-tired-ness (C has a chest infection and we all have the flu) I forgot to call. Looks like the birthday boy had a fabulous day!

I cannot believe he is SIX! Seriously. Wow.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Happy birthday, Liji!

It sounds as if you had a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful week.

Leanne said...

How fantastic to have traditions! I love them...our birthdays tend to stretch out for the whole week with little treats and special requests being granted...

Happy Birthday!

Tara said...

Happy birthday!!!

lusi said...

Hi Jas - LOVE your tradition of the balloons in the lounge room - that's so sweet! Hard to be away from family hey :( love to you mate!

Sumi- don't even! sorry to hear c is not well :( sending our love to you all will catch up soon. so sorry to wake kanoly last week when i rang :( xox

Jillian -thanks so much for the birthday wishes. hope you are well lovely!

Leanne - thanks mate + a birthday week sounds great!!!!

Love lus x

Karen L said...

Happy Birthday Liji - looks like you are having a great birthday.

Lusi our traditions are very much like yours. Everyond comes into our room - on the bed (Presents are already wrapped and in our room waiting for the morning) No presents are opened until everyone is there ( Still continue to do this now - poor Chloe had to wait for her presents on her 18th B'day until her big brother hopped off the plane at 10am) Here choice (cause it would not be the same otherwise) Sometimes we do a treasure hunt around the house all together for the main present (Little notes from place to place)If it is a weekend, we have a special birthday breakfast - and the birthday person always gets to choose what they want for dinner. They usually have family parties with close friends and family until school age, and then a big party in Year 1, then again when they reach double figures. Once they hit teenage years, they invite a few friends over for dinner, and maybe a sleepover on the weekend (mainly their friends from church). Then they can choose to have either an 18th or 21st Birthday. Pete opted for a 21st, the girls both opted for 18th. (Opps sorry this is so long)

JO said...

What a lovely birthday - I know where to go when I have my birthday. Loved the little cakes

I always let my boys decide on the type of cake they would like. For many years it was always chocolate mud cake - now Caius (who is turning 17 in October) asks for cheesecake. One year we asked Tristan (now 21) what he wanted for a cake and he thought for a while .....and said he would like a pack of chips instead if that was possible! He was about 4 at the time. I think he got a cake and chips.


lusi said...

Karen - Loved reading your traditions mate! You have such a beautiful family :) Love to you all!

Jo - Thanks for sharing about the cakes - loved the story of your son with the chips! So precious :)

How funny - with this linky thing now at the end of my posts i hadn't realised that i'd actually written something like this before until i saw the old post being linked to. Oh well! Love Lus x

Foster Fam said...

We're still working on building traditions for birthdays in our family.
Just wanted to say your blog is such a blessing to me. I love reading about your family's escapades! It is incredibly encouraging to see that home schooling works! I can't wait to start with our kids :0)
Love you!


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