Monday, September 14, 2009

Even through the difficult surprising times....

He is there. My God is faithful.

On Sunday, my mum + dad came up to church for a visit (they live abour an hour away and don't get to come to church very often). After a lovely fellowship lunch, Brett + i took the kids home since Zippi hadn't slept + was losing it a bit! We had just put the bag down, gone into the bedroom to wrap Zip when we heard an almighty crack followed by a blood curdling scream - it was Liji boy. He had apparently slipped on a blanket on the tiles and slid straight smack bang into the corner of the wooden rocking chair. He had an egg on the side of his head immediately and it was already bluish and there was a split across the top. He was alert but his eyes began rolling back a little as we tried to calm him and put ice on.

I drove past the church, picked up mum who was still there eating lunch (!) and then we went across to the hospital for him to be checked over. I was sure he'd be fine but with head injuries we always feel its better just to check it out.

After he was seen in Triage, he was getting very irritable and my boy who can go ALL DAY at the same energy intensity (VETY HIGH!!!!) was saying he wanted to sleep. The nurse and dr both ok'd that and said they would monitor him. The dr did some obs while he slept + basically said we could go home as soon as woke up, if he woke up fine.

Well he didn't. He woke up screaming, hallucinating, had super strength, didn't know me. I was standing in front of him and he was screaming, 'where's my mum?' other patients were coming to see if he was ok b/c the screaming was so violent. He was trying to say things but he was slurring all of his words. I could make out somethings and they were awful. The poor thing. My heart broke. Mum and I just began quietly but audibly calling on the name of Jesus over him. I asked my Jesus bring his peace to Liji. Mum and I recited scriptures over him and he slowly began calming after what seemed an eternity. That half an hour-hour of him screaming like that felt like 5 or 6 hours. The dr came and asked me, 'is he usually like this?' Ah no. No he's not!

So the dr got on the blower and an ambulance came and transported him and me down to Westmead Children's Hospital which is about an hour and half away from home. Brett followed with Zip in the van (which mum was able to take back home to drop off - had she not been there for church that morning, how would I have gotten the van home for Brett to bring Zip in?). God really went before us and prepared everything as smoothly as possible! Mum and dad took the other kids back to their house which was only about 20 mins from Westmead.

Liji slept all the way down in the ambulance. Didn't move except for when he was breathing really. The ambulance guys were SO lovely and compassionate. I was able to share with the ambulance driver about how one of our mate's lives had been transformed by Jesus. They said they see alot of messed up lives and see how the cycle often continues. I shared with them how she used to live and since coming to be in relationship with God, how different EVERYTHING is about her. The cycle is being changed in her family. She is getting ready to welcome her beautiful grandson into this world in the coming weeks and she said to me the other day, ' you know this baby is going to be so loved and in a home where God is number one, where there's worship music playing, where there is praying - it's so different!' Praise you Lord for changing lives and eternal destinies!

Well, Liji woke up at Westmead with a big stretch and a 'hi mum!' I was so relieved!!! I cried tears of joy that he was back to normal! Brett + Zip came and joined us. Lij had a CT scan and i stayed there till about 8 then went back to see the kids at mum + dad's. The kids were waiting up and were so happy to see me (they'd been secretly worried i think even though they were fine with mum and dad). We knelt down and prayed together giving thanks for Liji's recovery and upholding them as they were both still down at the hospital. Both Eth and Stass had conjunctivitis by then so we prayed for them too.

Zip and I slept for about an hour and then Brett called at 10.30pm saying the neurosurgeon had looked at the scans and EVERYTHING WAS FINE TO GO HOME!!! Wooohooo!!!! Zip, Stass + Eth stayed asleep while mum looked after them and me and dad went to pick up Brett + cracker.

Although he vomitted on the way back, there was no other real sign of the concussion. All day yesterday (monday) he was fine too! Back to his normal, beautiful, cheeky, quick-witted self!!!

I know from our own experiences, that things don't always turn out the ways we want them to, but I firmly believe that the Lord is God of all circumstances and that He WILL work ALL things for the good of those who love him and have been called according to his purposes like His word says. Trusting in Him is sometimes hard to do but He is completly trustworthy!

Praising our God who was with us THE WHOLE WAY!

In other news briefly, congratulations to my lovely friend Donna + her family who welcomed into their home their beautiful daughter Aurora Love yesterday morning. Praising God for her and that all went well!

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for:

1. Psalm 23; was a real encouragement to me this weekend. Even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me.
2. My father-in-law, sister-in-law, John + Garon who came and helped move so much soil yesterday. We had such a lovely time together afterwards and we just felt so blessed by them all.
3. The rotating composter that Penelope kindly gave us that Brett was able to pick up yesterday
4. That this sore throat has not gone into anything nasty
5. That Zip slept so well at mum and dad's on Sunday night.

More another time,
Love Lus x


caz1975 said...

Oh I am so pleased to hear he is ok, that must've been so scary!!! Praise God for quick healing! Does he still have a big lump?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Praise God Lus! Must have been so scary but it sounds like He gave you grace for the moment too.

Will continue to pray for Lij. Poor little man!

luv Bindi

Leanne said...

prayers and thoughts coming your way for Liji's full recovery and praise for the way we are continually reminded of who is in charge! :D

Sumara said...

Oh love!

So good to hear Liji recovered so well in the end.

I hope the conjunctivitis and colds are disappearing, too. YOu guys seem to spend so much time as hospitals and doctors' offices, you poor things. Be well, darlings.

Nat said...

How scary for you honey, but PRaising God with your for Liji's recovery and His strength with you all during the journey.
HUGS xxx

lusi said...

Hi carolyn - yep the lump is going down and is no where NEAR as awful as it really should be/could be! Yay for that!
Sumi - i'm amening your comment about no more sickness too! lol :) Hoping this is the end of the yucks for a while now :)
hi beautiful bindi! thanks for commenting - love to you!
And you too Natti :)
And leanne you are so right - it is a REAL reminder when we go through stuff like that that the Lord is in control!
Love Lus x

Anonymous said...

I get so empowered reading your adventures Lusi. So glad God heard your prayers and was with you.

Siany said...

so glad everything turned out ok lus!

Sarah Slaven said...

Oh wow that must have been so scary isn't it great we have a God who can bring calm and pease to situations like these. Praying that you are feeling better this week we have been ill too and it is so hard to keep ontop of things when you are feeling under the weather.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Praise God that Liji is now better! He works all things out for good, to those that know Him, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

Kaz said...

Wow, that must have given you quite a fright - having a child not knowing who you are. You are one brave mama.

Im glad he is home safe now.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hugs all round. I hope life is calmer in the days ahead. I was amazed at your reference to psalm 23 as I have just got home from bible study and had referred a friend to that very verse. Love GG

jess said...

Im so glad to hear he is okay Lus. It must of been very worrying seeing him reacting the way he was at K hospital. Thank god they sent him down to the childrens hospital where you could then know he was fully checked over to know he was okay!!!
Xx Jess


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