Saturday, September 12, 2009

campfire + marshmallows

the kids have been making pretend campfires alot lately in the backyard - gathering sticks, pretending to toast marshmallows, etc + so brett told them one day soon he would make them a REAL campfire in our backyard...insert squeals of glee right here....and tonight was the night! we all had a BLAST :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. chatting with my anth tonight
2. brett's mum + dad so kindly taking the kids today to do some creating for their garden all together. it was lovely to have some time just me brett + pippi the paw paw. we enjoyed a treat out at a cafe for some pizza for lunch.
3. resting
4. what God is doing in the lives of our kids (and us too) changing us from the inside out
5. hearing zippi 'chatting' with the kids

Love Lus x
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Melissa Goodsell said...

What a lovely idea Lusi!

Leanne said...

how fantastic!!! love that photo of the marshmallow!

Kaz said...

We did this just last weekend - lots of fun!

Missing you xx


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