Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 more feasts...

For those who might be interested in following our journey as a family as we have been introducing the Feasts of God into our family, I thought I'd share a little about the next three feasts on the calendar.

Firstly, for those who may read this and think, 'hang on, they're not Jewish so why are they celebrating these feasts!!?' (which is what i always thought of Christians who observed Passover!) for us the feasts are a chance for us to reminder ourselves of God's plans for ALL of his people throughout history and also how through these feasts, our Father was pointing us to Jesus all along! There is so much Messianic significance (signs of the Messiah; chosen one) in all of these feasts and they are prophetic of times still to come for the church.

I wrote this in a post earlier this year about why we look into the feasts and thought i'd just cut and paste it again right here to share...

I love learning about the Lord's appointed feasts and seasons because they continue to reveal to me His amazing plans for humanity throughout the ages and eternity, His incredible character and His divine nature. It also gives me a chance to re-evaluate my walk with Him, giving me opportunities to rest with Him and showing me how much I need Him daily! We are so excited about sharing God's big picture with our kids - marrying both the old and new testaments together so that our children (and us!) remember how the Lord showed His people that Jesus, the Messiah, was coming and how Jesus himself fulfilled God's promises. We love praying and talking about ways to creatively express the feasts in our household so that the kids really remember them with a sense of celebration and reverence. We are by no means experts on the feasts - but we are learning so much from Him about them and are very excited about this time in our family life!

Do I believe that people are 'saved' by God by keeping His feasts? No! It's not about ticking the right boxes and then thinking that we can keep God happy that way! Do I believe that we are saved through the sacrifice of Jesus, because of His great love for us, that by realising we are sinners (confessing or telling Him that and then repenting or turning from the way we were going) and accepting His sacrifce for us by faith, that we are saved? YES! It is only He that can bring us into a right relationship with God. Do I believe that the Feasts are a great way to understand more about God and His purposes? Absoloutely! So, anyway, that's some of my heartfelt thoughts about the Feasts.

We've just been looking at Yom Teruah (Feasts of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and this weekend coming -Feast of Tabernacles. Reading + praying about + celebrating the feasts has been a wonderful thing for ALL of us in our family. It has given us a greater understanding of God's Word, of His purposes + of His loving intervention in His world with His people. He is so wonderful. I felt that the Day of Atonement was quite a sombre yet beautiful reminder that Jesus, Our High Priest, has made atonement for our sins once and for all! How awesome (in the true sense of the word!!!) We will be celebrating Tabernacles with our mates Lori + Heiko this year :)

Just wanted to share for those who also might be interested.
Love Lus x

If you read this and are curious to find out more, I would encourage you with all my heart to search the scriptures (Leviticus 23 + 16 are good places to start) and ask the Lord to show you how to celebrate these + how to see Jesus through them all :)

Lots of love,
Lus x


caz1975 said...

Lusi I've recently been thinking about Jewsih feasts too and thinking it would be great to learn more about them and incorporate some of them into our family life as a way of seeing how the old and new testaments thread together as the way is pointed to Jesus. I wasn't really quite sure where to start though. Did you find all the info you needed in Leviticus or is there a book or website or something that you've found that would help with the details as well?

Thanks, Carolyn :-)

lusi said...

Hi Carolyn! The reasons you shared are EXACTLY why we have loved learning about the feasts! Not because we are trying to be Jewish or something, but because we love learning more about God's hand in the plans of His people's lives and how it all leads us to the Lord! I love how the foreshadowing of Jesus as our Messiah is present in the feasts of old and how both testaments tie together.
We were blessed to have known others near us who also have these desires so we would get together, pray with them and read the scriptures together. But we also read alot on the internet. We purchased a book from the states which I spoke about here in this post once: http://homeschoolingmamalusi.blogspot.com/2009/04/family-guide-to-biblical-holidays.html It is a great resource but a little pricey. For us it was worth the investment. It has plenty of activities for kids, explains the Jewsih customs surrounding the feasts and of course the Messianic significance. It has homeschooling sections in it too for study guides which we thought was great!

I think the main thing we have wanted is the Lord to show us how he wants us to creatively teach our kids about these - and i believe he will do the same for all who seek him on these :) God bless you mate as you enter this journey!

If you click to the side of the blog on the 'feasts' tag there are some previous posts i've shared about what our fam has been learning about. Hope some of that helps mate!

Love Lusi x


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