Monday, September 28, 2009

Thanks Jillian! + how reading aloud works around here :)

Thanks to JILLIAN I won a great little homeschooling tool called SPELL QUIZZER. It's cool! You record your own voice to make spelling lists up or you use the ones they already have there. Liji + Ethi have just started reading and writing using the LEM PHONICS program which is MEGA exciting for us to see! I've noticed that Stass is a real aural learner much more than i ever thought actually so its good for her too :)
We just began reading Swiss Family Robinson as our new family read-a-loud but then the Little House on the Prairie 9 book set arrived. Brett bought this as an encouragement gift to Stass since she's adjusted really well to homeschool this year, is trying really hard in helping out around home and just b/c she LOVES them so much! So now we are reading the first book as well at night as a second family read-a-loud.

I really treasure reading aloud to the kids even though it can be hard work to get them to listen sometimes. It builds into our relationships by showing them they are worth the time to take to sit down, be still together and go on fun literary journeys. I love it even more when Brett reads aloud to us all. And i really love it that the kids talk about the stories and things we are learning about in books in our REAL life too.

We're learning as we go but here are somethings I've tried this year that have worked so far:

* patience from me!
* understanding that kids want to ask questions + that is part of their learning!!!
* letting the kids play with blocks silently while i read + then share their 'creations' with us all at the end :)
* supplying the kids with paper + textas/pencils to use while i read + they can draw something about the story we are reading
* being consistent with disciplining them with time away from the story (which they do not like!!!) as soon as they speak (when not asking a question) when i am reading
* snuggling up with blankets over us while i read on the big lounge + sometimes having some sweet snacks to enjoy together during reading time
* if i'm going to read for a while i try and remember to ask the kids if they need to use the bathroom first to eliminate how many times i hear 'but i need to go mum!!!' lol :)
* did i mention patience from me?!!!

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. That my new friend who's daughter was here today and broke her hand in two places :( was able to get immediate attention and is able to be operated on tomorrow. So glad they have been gracious too despite being devestated of course as anyone would be.
2. Jillian's generous giveaway gift
3. Relaxing on the lounge with Brett before going to bed
4. Zippi's long sleep early tonight
5. The way God orchestrates the meetings of people in our little community + how i just 'bumped' into two friends tonight. His timing is incredible :)

Lus x


Leanne said...

We love reading aloud too! I believe it makes a huge difference in our household. dd (now in gr4) was given special access to the gr7 reading area when she was in Gr2. ds#1 (gr1) is travelling down the same road. I love that my kids love books! it's such a treasure for the future.

hope you are having a beautiful day!

singing mama said...

Hey Lovely Lusi,

So good to hear an honest account of something that is working well in your family. Especially as we struggle to keep the girls focus with read alouds (Mira is only little) so it is good to get some tips but to also hear that not all kids just sit still and attentive during it all. Too often I feel like I must be doing something wrong cause everyone else 'seems' to 'get it' and their kids seem to be perfect at everything and so it is encouraging for me to know that when you say read aloud you dont mean 3 kids sitting there , legs crossed perfectly, hanging off your every word. Hope this makes sense, I have severe sleep deprived brain - due to Mira.

Luv Donna

Jo said...

I use to love my mum reading aloud to me - I think it gave me the love of books that I now have. I read to my children but also gave them audio books to listen to as they were going off to sleep. Caius loved The Loin, the Witch and the Wardrobe and would listen to it over and over, Tristan on the other hand loved the Sherlock Holmes stories. They both enjoyed Alice in Wonderland.


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
You're very welcome - I'm just glad to be able to help someone in their homeschooling journey.

I used to love reading aloud to the children, but sadly they both read really well, now, and they're growing up - one's nearly 16 and the other's nearly 13. (sniff)

Have a wonderful week.

lusi said...

Hi leanne - that's great that your kids love reading! A love of literature is a wonderful gift to give them i reckon :)

Hi lovely Donna! Hope you are well mate! Thanks for stopping in. I can assure you that it is a struggle here often but like in all other areas of parenting too, i just figure that we have to sow in now to reap a harvest later on. Perservering even when it seems so hard IS worth it + gradually we are seeing the kids get better at sitting but it is still hard work! You are so NOT alone in that mate! xxx

Jo - I have wonderful memories of both my parents cuddling up with me to read many stories. I LOVE that even though i can't remember all the stories they read to me, i can remember them sitting and taking the time to be with me. A Precious Wonderful Gift!

Hi Jillian :) Thanks again! I haven't gotten to where you are age wise with kids as yet but I hope we get MANY more years to come filled with stories and literary adventures like you and many others I know have enjoyed with their children.

God bless and love to you all!


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