Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Creating, Snuffly Girly + one unorginal Blog Post Title :)

It's the tiredness I think.
Anyway, wanted to write.
Felt like it.
So here I am sharing about stuff that Im betting is fairly boring to almost everyone else!
However, I will post as this is my blog + a great record of our family day to day living :)

So some stuff I've been up to over the past few days....

Well Zippi actually has been a little sick. She's had a very blocked up sinus area + hasn't been able to breathe well through the nose. So she's struggled with feeding + settling alot + is has been a bit of a tiring time for me. I think we are through the worst of it though + even through these relatively harder times I still see God's hand over our lives. Like being able to get in rather quickly to see a doctor today + not being turned away since our regular GP is absent. That on its own is pretty miraculous these days! Seriously! But also this morning, I asked some of my SOF friends to pray + she had an excellent sleep + even fed better throughout the morning. Praise God for small mercies hey!

I've been able to steal away a couple of hours at night this past week to have some creative time. Here are somethings I've made...

A head band for Stassi using THIS TUTORIAL ...She loves it!

Here's Liji busy at his phonics work today...

And Eth enjoying working in his phonics book too. His level of concentration has greatly improved lately...

Here are some pj pants that I made for Liji's teddy. He requested them + since his LOVE LANGUAGESare gifts/acts of service I put them on teddy in the night + he woke up to them being done + was SO excited; 'love tank' filled all the way to the top! And in the next breath he said, 'and maybe a top too mum?' um - there was no mention of a top before this! lol :) Will try and figure out how to make one soon :)

Our mates the McPhails visited on Sunday arv + generously brought with them some home-milled wholemeal flour. I think that's what you say isn't it....home-milled? home-ground? not sure but it was so lovely of them! And so Brett made wholemeal spaghetti on Monday night...

Yummo :)
Stass was invited to her lovely friend Lily's birthday + so I made her this little bag + matching headband...

I even managed to line it! Not sure how since it was my first bag with proper handles but I'm so glad it came out from the way it was in my head to actually holding it in my hands if that makes sense at all!
Truth be told, I was actually shocked that it looked good enough to give + I'm glad that my sewing has improved! You may remember that at the beginning of the year when I bought my machine I cried because I couldn't work out how to thread it or actually use it! lol :) Thanks also to my lovely friend Jane F who thoughtfully dropped in some great patterns today - ta mate!
Here are the girls ready to go off + enjoy their 'girly day' together. Thanks again Donna! Hoping all went well with Lil today? xox

Zip had a teeny tiny taste of pear + a little avocado last night too. Not really a fan yet although she really is wathching us all eat at the mo :)
The playroom/learning room with hmmm about 6 baskets of washing in it yesterday to fold. Some today still unfolded....such is life right now...
And the last little creative share: the journal I made as part of the 'Restoring our Womanhood' Challenge over at SOF. A portion of one of my fave verses from the year that we've learnt is on the front cover - Philippians 4:8 'whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things'...That's what the Restoring challenge is doing - getting us to think on excellent things to do with being daughters of God, wives + mums too :) Thanks for all the work you are doing Sal :)
5 things I am thankful for today:
1. My mate Natti + the journey she is on; watching it unfold in her life has really encouraged my faith. And the same said for watching what God is doing/has done/continues to do in Georgie Brooks' life + her family's lives too
2. That Zip hasn't had anything nasty with these snuffles - so grateful Lord for that!
3. Sharing an impromptu dinner here with the Blackers tonight :)
4. Rhonda's email -so lovely to touch base again!
5. Getting some order back in the house - slowly.


rvavic said...

My lovely... firstly SO great to speak with you last week.

Secondly there is nothing "small mercies" in finally getting an unhappy bubba to sleep :) THIS I KNOW *smile*

Your big kids are doing so well and you are such an inspiration.

The bag - CUTE AS, and your journal is gorgeous too.

Love to you and yours, hope to see you real soon!

Jasmine said...

I love the bag and headbands you've made - AWESOME!!! Your journal is beautiful!

Praying Zippi's feeling 100% better really soon :) She's totally gorgeous by the way - as if I need to tell you that ;)

Love Jas xx
ps thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :)

Foster Fam said...

Here it is...
Thanks again for the catch up and picnic, Riley is still talking about playing with Stassi!
Love you all

Nat said...

Wow, look at your sewing! Mate, that's awesome! I'm so having a go at that tute, and love the bag you made.. did u make it up yourself? And where did you get the handles? Love it mate, what a great gift.

Thanks for your lovely comment. I am officially a SAHM today, woot!!

Great to hear Zippi is feeling a bit better and slep well for you. Hope you get to catch up on some sleep hun xx

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
You did an excellent job of making the bag, and also the headband. I am not terribly crafty - I know what I want to do, but between my head and my hands there seems to be a breakdown of communication. :P

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Meant to also say that I'm glad that Zippi is starting to feel better. ☺


Anonymous said...

You are getting so clever with your sewing now. The little bag and headband was impressive.

Much love
Kaz :)


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