Thursday, August 6, 2009

In short...

* Meeting Brett for lunch today with the kids + taking them to the lake for hot chips was so lovely :)
* Thursday night *date night* eating home cooked Korma curry after the kids are in bed
* Taking 4 kids to the library for an impromptu visit + allowing them to borrow 18 books between them + then having them carry said books up the main street + across a pedestrian crossing WITHOUT them whinging is no small feat for us!!! Praise the Lord that so could have gone the other way ;)
* Zippi slept so much better last night - did a 5 hour stint at one point! And has slept well for day sleeps today; breathing clearer + feeding better too :) Thank you Lord!
* Brett did the shopping while i caught up on some cleaning/sorting/washing/phonecalls. Funny Ive been saying to God that I'd love to hop off the roller coaster for a day or two - was nice to take it a bit easier today :)
* Ethi begged to do some maths work. Seriously. Begged! Ok then mate! I have a cute 'maths bears' thing he does although we will look at ordering his Alpha Primer soon i think :)
* Still doing EC with Zippi where I can - holding her over the toilet I notice how she is getting heavier in my arms!
* Thinking about sewing up some cloth nappies at some stage soon....mind you thinking + doing are two very different things aren't they!
* I'm thinking about how best to utelise a cupboard that I think needs to be moved to a better strategic place in the new playroom/learning area. Growing a little tired of stuff accumulating EVERYWHERE! Actually thinking alot about extra *stuff* around here + just simplifying....again.
* hmm i'm sure there are other things to share but that will do :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Living close to the shops
2. Kids club for Stass
3. Our local library (and our little excursion today)
4. Finding my calendar...finally
5. Red grapes

Love Lus x


Nat said...

Short and sweet, but a glimpse into your day all the same. I love to know what you're doing day to day coz I miss out on all of it being so far away!
You've inspired me to maybe take my lot to the library today too (Jai is having a day off school - treat!)
Have a great Friday hun xx

miss~nance said...

I said it before and I'll say it here again - I love the little glimpses into your daliy life that you share Lusi.

Love you XX


Sarah (jakey) said...

LOL about the 18 library books - that sounds familiar!! I read about one home-schooling mum who used to take a washing basket to the library to carry all the books!! I'm thinking it doesn't sound so silly!!

lusi said...

lol sarah!!! i can so see myself doing that! i used to take a massive cane basket up but it was oso heavy that I couldn't carry that + Zippi! lol :)

Thanks Gail - love you back!

And Nat so nice to chat yesterday hun; hope you have a great trip to the library! xox

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Praise God for helpful husbands. They make our life so much easier, don't they?


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