Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Smiles Friendship +Creativity

Daddy + his little princess sharing some smiles + sweet giggles last night...

Hanging out with our lovely friends, the Mallins...

They are all growing up so quickly...

It is a blessing to be able to freely share about the joys and challenges of motherhood with my dear friend Mell. Love you mate :)

A sky writer plane today...

Stassi absolutely LOVES this gorgeous handmade hat from Mell (and Zippi loves her handmade rattle too!) Talk about a clever crafty lady!

Last week I mentioned that I bought this new mag which the very gifted Mel Goodsell is editor for. Well I made a little project from in there (kind of sort of little bit different but still!)
Here it is: a pajama bag! I made a little pocket on the front with stitched areas that fit toothpaste and toothbrush nicely :)

Isn't the fabric so cute? It was on a bolt from my lovely friend Kaz :)
Thanks mate! Now I need to make one each for the boys :) Here it is all drawn up and ready to go :)
5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:
1. Chatting with Sumi last night. My beautiful-you-so-could-live-next-door-to-me-anytime-friend :)
2. Magnifying glass and the fun my kids have with it!
3. Creativity
4. Great thoughtful friends
5. Warm clothing during such a cold winter


rebecca Vavic said...

Sweets, that photo of Zippi and Brett is adorable.
AND... Stassi you look super gorgeous in that hat !!
Hugs to all

Anonymous said...

I love seeing my old material come to life - good job. Trish has revived a lot of it too, in fact, I think the little rosebud material on the quilt she gave you for zippi was some of it too. Im glad it is going to good use.

Great to chat today, hope to visit next time.

Kaz :)

Chrissy said...

Ohhh loving the cute piccies Lus! :) :)

Carolina said...

Little Zippi is mimicking Brett's exact face in that pic Lusi, love it! And what a gorgeous hat! I'm imagining a newborn shoot with one just like it... if only i could crochet! LOL!


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