Monday, July 20, 2009

Put your money where your mouth is...

is what I've been saying to myself over the past few days.

On Friday, Brett was diagnosed with CELLULITIS which is a bacterial infection - an inflamation of the cells - and nothing to do with cellulite (for those wondering!) Actually, it can be a very nasty (and potentially fatal if untreated) thing so he has to rest alot at the moment. They treat it as a staph/strep infection and he has to have his leg raised above his nose most of the day! My poor guy :( We are praying for full healing for him :)

I'm always declaring that God is bigger than our circumstances (which He is!) and so this is a perfect time for me to put my money where my mouth is in these other areas that I believe too;

* Be joyful, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:16-17)

* The Lord is my Shepherd....He restores my soul (even when I feel exhausted! Psalm 23)
* Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you (Psalm 63:3)

I am making the choice to acknowledge that it is a tough time at the moment - broken sleep, bubba feeding so often still, doing lots of extra house work, homeschooling still (not really taking holidays since we had so much time off when Zip was born) but that God is able to strengthen me when I am weak - He really is my all in all and I am so thankful for His grace. He can and WILL see us through.

In other randomness...

* Zippi has been growing sooooo much with all that demand feeding which is fantastic :) She's in 00 suits now just for the length! So sweet :) She is also now VEEEERY vocal! Loads of chatting, mimicing and loud vocal interaction. Such a wonderful stage :)

* Stassi (and actually ALL of us) have been LOVING watching Little House on the Prairie dvd's. Stass has asked me to make her a bonnet (I've found a great pattern online for one but just need some time to make it now!) Most of the epsiodes make for great family viewing.

* Ethan has hit a really tough place at the moment and we are praying God will continue to help us know how to discipline him, how to have his heart and how to disciple him.

* Liji had a piece of cheese last week to see if he would have a response to it. It was a thin piece of normal tasty cheese and he hasn't had any for 2 years now. Everything else in the diet remained the same low saliyclate stuff. Within 24 hours he'd broken out into a major eczema like rash all over his back, bloddied from scratching it so much and his behaviour was...hmmm....let's just say very irrational and completely ott. No more cheese for now.

* My email has completely crashed so I apologise to anyone who may have emailed that I have not responded to. I'll let you know when its up + running again.

* Pretty ordinary post hey but it is real life, my life and I want the good and the bad, the hard and the easier times all recorded here.

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. A great time with church family yesterday + especially hearing about amazing answers to prayer :)

2. That Brett is still feeling relatively well during this time + that we get to spend more time together

3. The LEM phonics program

4. Liji slowly + confidently learning to read - so wonderful to see :)

5. Time with Stass today teaching her sewing + enjoying being together

Love to you + yours,


Rebecca Vavic said...

Love you sweets... glad that you've found out what's happening with Brett and he is on the mend :)

Oiw the cheese thing!! OUCH!

Love LHOTP too :) great family show, my sisters and I watched it religiously when we were kidlets!

Thinking of you and your wonderful family.
Much love to you babes.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Have you tried soft cheeses? They tend to have a lower-allergy potential - not trying to stick my twopence worth in if it's not wanted. :P I have had allergy problems all of my life, so I truly do know what you are going through.

Feel free to ignore this if you want.

lusi said...

Thanks for your suggestion Jillian! We have tried soft cheeses in the past but he can't tolerate them either. Having been off cheese for 2 years i guess we just hoped that he might have passed through that stage but doesn't seem that way. Anyway, i'm always loving suggestions like yours - thanks again for your input!
Love Lusi x

Nat said...

Hey honey, so srory to hear about Bretty and about the cheese incident with Lij... will cover Spaghetti with my prayers, that he recovers quickly.
We need to chat soon hey. I might try and call tomorrow night, or definitely on Thurs when I'm at home, OK!?
Love you, wish I could hug you and help you out going through tough times. Sending you a virtual week's worth of dinners and housework (oh actually that last one's not so realistic coming from me)... praying for God to continue to strengthen and restore you babe.

Love you xxx

Sumara said...

Oh man, you guys just can't win with health, can you? Hope Brettski's doing okay. Wish I could b freed up to come up and help you more.

I've been meaning to tell you that I found a pretty decent soy cream cheese - have you seen it? It's King Land Soy Products, I found it at Coles. It works really well in creamy/cheesey pasta dishes.

lusi said...

hello beautiful sumi :)
brett's doing better - thanks mate for the love! and i've baked a nice cheesecake before using that cream cheese but liji is so not a fan of it at all :( my girlfriend who is on the failsafe stuff makes a good beetroot dip/spread with that - her kids love it, mine not so much :( So glad you found it though for you guys!
Love you :)
L x

Kaz said...

Hi Lus

Sorry to hear that Brett is not the best, hope he is back to normal real soon. I LOVED Little House on the Prairie when I was young - my fav!

Mishell said...

Hi Lusi!

Hope Brett is better now :) We bought the entire LIlttle house on the prairie episodes form the states- if you ever need to watch any that you haven't got! Next year we are goign to be using the unit study called The prairie Primer- it looks pretty good!
Keep safe and happy
Love shellxxxxx


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