Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of the best things we've bought for 20 bucks i reckon....

was this pasta maker from Aldi not long back. Brett spotted it in the catalogue and said it would make for a really great activity for the kids. I thought it would be too involved and that basically its just alot quicker and easier to buy pasta from the store. Man was I schooled today!
Brett couldn't sit down any longer (plus I was feeling sick as-fine now though) so he got up and decided he wanted to make our first round of fettucine :) Needless to say that the kids had a blast...

and fresh chicken fettucine is really yummy... (kids' one left off the bacon + mushrooms from the top)
and it went down pretty well too...

best pasta we've eaten for like...ever. yum :) great family meal together...

And it was pretty remiss of me yesterday to mention Little House on the Prairie without mentioning my beautiful friend Gayle. Sorry G. See i borrowed the ones we've been watching from our friends Sharon + Doug and I was writing about it over at SOF when Gayle so kindly offered to send us her set of season 1 for our kids to keep! The kids got the package on Friday and were just so chuffed :) Thanks again mate :) xox
Do you have those times where you need to get so much done (or just want to get so much done!) but just can't find the time - like it keeps falling through your fingers like grains of sand? Arrrgh! That's what its like here at the moment and while I am actually ok about it, i would LOVE for time to stop so I can get a chunk of stuff done. Like....
* The rest of Zippi's thank you notes written and sent out (i've been doing these in spurts but want to get them finished now!!!)
* Make Stass' bonnet that she's been asking for :)
* Finish off Bek's bubba's pressie (and a couple others that I need to send off too!)
* Finish updating the homeschool diary
* Update the portfolio's
* Paper work filing
* Make some MCN's
* Make some covers!!!
* Fold clothes + put them away
* Wipe down the kitchen cupboards - they really need it!
* Put away the 000 clothing and stock the baskets with the 00 clothes
* Sew the handbag I've been designing
I know, all in due time hey!
HAPPY VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO my gorgeous buddy Mel M whose birthday I missed over the weekend :( Lovvvvvvve you honey and looking forward to sitting down and having a cuppa with you soon :)

Well, that's enough for tonight.
More another time,
Lus x


HomeGrownKids said...

Oooh, we just LOVE homemade pasta! My MIL gave me a machine a few years ago and yes, the kiddos love using it. Which is good. We still use dried pasta a fair bit though as it is quicker.


Nat said...

OOh making me wish I HAD bought that pasta maker for us too... not long ago we made it in class with my kids at work... it was fantastic! And so yummy!!!

singing mama said...

Praying for you guys atm Lusi! I know you have so much on your plate!! Praying Brett is healed and whole again soon and that you can have some rest!!

YUM fresh pasta!! I have been looking for a fresh pasta machine for ages, guess I better check aldi!

Love to you!

Luv Donna

lusi said...

Hi Susan :) I'm so with you - bought pasta is much quicker and i will be using that mostly still but nice to have it cooked fresh as a treat every now and then :)
Hope you are well :)

Thanks for your prayers Donna + Natti :) Donna hope you guys are getting better - have been praying for you all too mate! And Nat looking forward to chatting soon honey :)

Love Lus x

Zarna said...

Make Lasagna with fresh pasta! mmmm best lasagna you'll ever make, and you won't be able to make it with those little instant sheets ever again!

We have no bench space in this house and a tiny round kitchen table so our pasta maker has been packed away for now, but as soon as we get either a bigger table or a new kitchen I will be going back to making pasta almost every weekend...

Sumara said...

That is FABULOUS! Wow, we really need to find one of those. It's one of those things I always just put in the too-hard basket but really it's just the too-lazy basket!

Will call you again sometime soon, lovely.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Wow, the children must have had fun making it, and it sure looks as if they had fun eating it.

I'm afraid that we'll just have to stick to the lazy way, and buy instant - looks fun, though.


Victoria said...

I bought the same pasta maker and use gluten free flour instead of normal flour - tastes so much better! A little harder to handle, i generally put 1 more egg to make it bind better, but the end result is much mre fluffier, less gluggy and overall more healthy.


Jasmine said...

Fresh pasta is the BEST - such a treat and fun thing to make together :)

I've just been catching up on your blog after being offline for a couple of weeks. Wow hasn't Zippi grown?!! How gorgeous is Ethan wanting to marry Jesus ;) Sweet!
We loved watching Little House on the Prairie as kids - such a great show.

I'll be keeping Brett in my prayers - for healing and a quick recovery. Also for you my friend - praying God keeps you sustained and that you are able to rest when you need to.

Love Jas xx


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