Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Belated Congrats...

to Amy + Mik + the kids on the arrival of their precious Jarah Josiah last week :)
I meant to write about that in the last post!
Anyway, praising God for the little man + sending our love across the states to you guys!

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Great chat with Helen
2. Being able to stay pretty calm (for once!) when 6 glass candle holders smashes to smitherines on the tiles before dinner
3. Abby's heart
4. Time with my Bretty Spaghetti
5. Nomes dropping in + her timely encouragement

Love Lus x


greg said...

G'day Lusi and family just having a quick peek. I will be praying for Brett re cellulitis - can be pretty nasty. a mate of mine went to hospital with it a few years ago. He was Ok but he has to be really careful not to cut himself.
God bless

lusi said...

Hi Greg (as in Brookes?) Just making sure its you!
Hope you guys are doing ok - sorry i haven't been checking in like i used to. will pop over today some time.
God bless + thanks so much for praying for Brett.
Bless ya mate,
Lusi x

lusi said...

Actually Greg, I was just wondering if you could please send me the link to Georgina's prayer blog again please because I had saved it on my old desktop which has now crashed + i can't find the link to it anymore.
thanks mate,
Lusi x

lusi said...

Oops have found it again now and added it to my sidebar :)


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