Thursday, July 23, 2009

thinking + resting

that's about it :)

* zippi is moving herself around on her playmat: we pop her down facing one way then she wiggles her little toosh around so that she ends up facing a different way...its happening already - she's growing up right before our eyes.
* ready to crack out the wii today for some family fun :)
* brett has his dr's appointment to see how this cellulitis thing is doing - was quite swollen yesterday
* kids are playing leggo, doing some schooling, playing on the trampoline
* i am wondering if blogging is still worth it to be honest.

5 things i am thankful for today:

1. tennis on a pole for the kids
2. zippi going back to sleep at 5am after trying and trying to resettle her
3. meeting carolyn yesterday in such an unusual way - it really was God ordained. Hope to meet up again sometime soon :)
4. home
5. laughter

Another belated congrats this time to DQ + Ben + the kids on the arrival of their little son Cedar. Hope you guys are doing well and we send our love + congrats to you all!

More some other time,
Love L x


jess said...

hey Lus,
You say you wonder if blogging is still worth it!
Just letting you know, i enjoy reading all your blog posts through bloglines! Sorry im a little slack in the commenting department!
Am loving watching Zippi grow!
Xx Jess

miasmummy said...

Lusi, blogging is worth it! I am always reading your updates... It is also good to look back on your family life later on! My DH has also had cellulitis, has had it for 2 weeks, and has been hospitalised for that time. He is on day leave as of yesterday, and has to go back for his IV antibiotics during the day, and sleep there at night. It sounds lucky that Brett isn't in hospital as it can get really bad and quickly! xxx

singing mama said...

Hey Lovely Lusi :)

Sounds like a lovely mellow day, just what is needed!!

Please dont stop blogging, it is lovely to read up on all your doings and your lovely family, especially as the time to catch up on the phone/in person can be limited!

Love to you :) and thank you so so much for the lovely meal, card and drawings! We feel so blessed!!!

Love Donna

Sumara said...

I gave up on blogging months ago...

I adore reading yours, Lus, but if you think you need to stop, just stop. You've made a beautiful place here but you don't owe it to anyone if it's not what you need/want right now.

Just sayin'. :-)

Hope Brett's okay. Give him a big stupid cuddle for me.

Oh, and "tennis on a pole"? That is fabulous. AKA totem tennis. lol.

singing mama said...

LOL Lusi we must have been on each others blogs commenting at the same time so funny!! Yes I received the card and pictures and yummy risotto. Thank you so so much!! I cant put words to what a blessing it is to me at this time!

Love Donna

Lara said...

sorry to read about Brett, nursed someone with cellulitis in their knee a few years ago - painful! yay for things to be thankful for.

Miss cath said...

Love reading your blog Lusi - and keeping up with everything thats happening with you guys.


Sarah Slaven said...

I do love reading your blog and the information you write about homeschooling has been very useful but if your heart isn't in it and writting has become a trile don't keep it up just for our sakes.
I hope Bret gets better soon and God provides you with the strength needed to cope with a sick husband as well as the busyness of life with 4 kiddies.

miss~nance said...

I love reading your blog also.



lusi said...

thanks all for the input + encouragement + advice.
feeling over my little 'thing' that i had going with it...well for now anyway! lol :)
thanks for caring :)
love lus x

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Our children love totem tennis, too.


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