Sunday, July 26, 2009

ok now don't go looking closely or anything....

but here is my first attempt at sewing a prairie bonnet for little miss stass...

i had found a really great tute online but when it came down to following it....well...yeah it didn't happen so i actually ended up with half a bonnet! :) i got frustrated, thought about throwing it away + starting again with the instructions that i couldn't quite understand still...or salvaging what i had already made by just duplicating another half. i went with the latter + actually i'm glad i did!
i even improvised with some foe (fold over elastic) + sewed on my first lot of lace + even used some interfacing for the first time...

once again i used some of the material that kaz kindly gave me at the start of the year + Stass really likes it!

She's really gotten into the whole 'prairie' theme lately since we've been watching eps of 'Little House' + there is a really beautiful almost-innocence that is in these films. We sit down as a family sometimes + watch the ones Gayle sent or the borrowed ones from Sharon. It's been extending into their pretend play games too which is so sweet. I would much prefer her playing 'Little House' than 'Bratz' or something bleh like that.

So i'm hoping to make another one out of some really sweet material i picked up at the op shop last week. Sharon's daughter Miss M was so sweet and also wore her bonnet to church yesterday + a similar style dress but of course Stass was at home since we didn't go to church with Eth being at hospital. They dropped by in the arvo to lend us some more Little House eps + it was so sweet to see these two girls embrace at the front door like long lost sisters! If you are familiar with the Bible, you might remember the story of two dear friends
King David + his mate Jonathan. Ok maybe not as intense as that, but they really are such beautiful friends. It was an answer to prayer for Stass to have Miss M and Lily in her life since she's not had the contact with her old school friends except for Linda's beautiful daughter Miss A. I hope they can stay in touch for a long time too!
* we have had Brett home on his RDO (i'm gonna miss you honey when you go back to work tomorrow after such a long time! thanks for everything- love you!!!)
* the kids had yummy left over chicken soup for lunch
* began a new unit study on the world - looking at continents today + beginning to use the OPERATION WORLD to help us learn about the needs of the world + learn how to pray for various countries.
* I am trying to catch up on updating the homeschooling diary/kids' journals - taking a while to organise and track it all but it is worth it; i love looking back over what they have done + seeing the learning journey we are taking. i do plan on doing a half-year recap for our sake + thought i'd share it here sometime soon.
* i am mega excited that i am catching up with two of my great friends Christiana + Carol soon God willing. It's been way too long + i can't wait!
* Ethan is so much better + enjoying playing with the kids again :) Praise you Lord!
5 things I am thankful for today:
1. Nomes' very kind + generous offer for a meal today :)
2. Cordless phones
3. Childhood innocence
4. Hot chocolates
5. Wii fit

Love Lus x


Anonymous said...

Hi Lusi!
That bonnet turned out great! Look how cute Stassi looks :) Alyssa was very excited today by her phone call, and is very, very excited to have Stassi over...she is already planning what they will do/make etc cute! :)
Chat soon, and glad to hear that the family is feeling much better now.
Hugs to you all

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Glad you are making great use of the material.

Kaz :)

Nat said...

Oh Lus, that's just gorgeous!! I'm secretly a bit green of all the things you've been making!! Love em all!! I think I want to watch Little House now, I've never seen them before.
Love yas xx

caz1975 said...

The bonnet looks great. I have zero sewing ability so I'm in awe of all things creative :-)
I've been inspired by you and Donna to start blogging myself as I head towards home schooling a special needs child. My url is if you wanna have a look and get to know me a little better.

I was so encouraged talking to you the other day and hearing how home schooling had actually improved your son's social skills,cause that's the main criticism I've been getting from people. Anyway sorry for the long post. Hope you are all well.


Chrissy said...

Awwww, how I adored LHOTP when I was young, that bonnet is totally *adorable* and doesn't Miss Stass look glowing in it too. She's beaming with happiness!! :)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
The bonnet looks adorable, and really suits your daughter. ☺

My daughter also loves LHOTP.

Scrapsister said...

Oh she is adorable Lusi. Have you tried this tute? It's a bonnet made from a bandana (or fabric of the same dimensions of course). I made one for Mikaela for a school excursion last adorable!

I am... said...

could she be any cuter? seriously, and the bonnet looks awesome!!! :D
ahh little house on a prarie, i grew up with that show, still love it today <3

lusi said...

thanks everyone :) it's funny - i never thought i would actually *enjoy* sewing but I do!

carolyn - i'm so glad you were encouraged that day; i was too. I pray you are able to see great results in your son too with homeschooling :) will try + visit your blog today - thanks for the link!

Kerryn - thanks for the linkage mate; will pop over and have a look at that tute :) love to you my friend!

Jodie - thanks for popping in - hope all is well your way!

Love to you all,
Lus x


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