Friday, July 31, 2009

In our world...

Brett returned to work on Tuesday this week but couldn't walk again properly the next morning. Acutally he couldn't even put a shoe on. So thinking it was cellulitis again, he went over to get checked out + it wasn't cellulitis this time, it was GOUT. Ouch. Poor honey said it was like a part of his foot was broken. Praise God one day later it was much better + this morning is better still.

Thought I would update for each child, in random order, briefly today too.

Elijah @ (almost 6!):
* We had a great session with Leanne (Occupational Therapist) + she said she doesn't feel he will need regular therapy past his turning 6. His fine motor skills have improved so much as have his social skills. We will work on continuing to help him process info (as much as we can anyway) to decrease the intensity + frequency of emotional outbursts. We have 7 weeks until the government's early intervention package finishes for him + in that time we will work on some social stories.

* Leanne explained that in order to inhibit an emotional outburst that kids basically need to:
: know the expected behaviour
: understand the context of the situation
: understand + recognise others' feelings
: then control the behaviour BEFORE it happens
Once upon a time, we could have said that Lij was struggling with processing just that first point - understanding what the expected beahviour was. Now we can tick off the first two points in almost every situation + sometimes the third point too. Mostly we are working on the last point; encouraging him to control it BEFORE it happens once he gains a better understanding of other's feelings which IS coming! God is good and really when we look at where he/we have come from we stand back + marvel at His works. Psalm 145 says, "They [the generations to come] will tell of your mighty acts, they will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty" and that is what i feel God has allowed us to do - speak to our kids + others too about the many miracles we've seen unfold before our eyes on this very special journey with Liji boy.
* Liji asked me to draw a teddy bear + then coloured it in. He cut around it + said it was a gift for Zip. I told her he couldn't get it too close to her in case she grabbed at it + accidently ripped it. He said he didn't want her to break it so I suggested we laminate it. He taped some string to the back + when I woke up the next morning (i laminated it the night after when he went to bed) the very first thing he said to me was, 'mum thanks for doing the teddy bear for me'. His love language is gifts/acts of service can you tell?

* Liji draws, colours in or does something crafty every single day. In fact, we primarily rearranged the play room with the table in there + access to craft/papers/pencils because we saw that he needed a place to be able to go unsupervised + create without limit. I'm so glad we did this :)

* He is enjoying playing outdoors (even in the cold wintery weather which he used to always complain about when he had hyper-sensitivity in his skin) + enjoys pretend play now too especially with his siblings.

* Liji really loves Zippi + spends alot of his day asking when he can next hold her!

* Most of the outbursts we get now are centred around food + sharing of toys.
* Liji has begun the LEM Phonics program + is learning to read, write + spell through it. He feels really grown up!

Stassi @ 7:

* is my right hand helper. I tell her all the time how blessed we are the God knew where to place her in our family + that she is growing to be a beautifully thoughtful young woman.
* loves reading the 'Cul-de-sac Kids' series. We get them from Koorong + she's already read 6 from the series. Her first 'chapter' books, as she calls them.
* Stassi hit 15 strikes in bowling on the wii this week - she's really good at it!
* loves to have a bit of 'girl time' with me - even if its just the two of us going to the shops to get something :) I love it too!
* has been struggling a little with concentrating on some of her school tasks but we will get there :)
* Stass has done beautiful phonics work this week + has helped the boys too :)

Zipporah @ 15 weeks:
* Today our little princess rolled over for the first time from her front to her back!
* She goes from days of sleeping + feeding every 1hour to up to 6hour stretches. And yep it is exhausting at times but His strength really does get me through it all.
* Her smile, her little laugh + giggle still make us all contagiously + spontaneously smile/laugh/giggles ourselves!
* Is in 00 clothing for the length. During the past week I packed all her 000 clothing away. Gosh it's happening so quickly [again]!
* Loves sitting up in the highchair in the kitchen + watch what happens with her siblings!

Ethan @ 4:
* Had a massive knock on his noggin yesterday. ouch.ouch.ouch. was the hardest knock you could possibly get on your forehead without it splitting on the spot. we were at the park + eth was chasing a floating dandelion around. there was a wooden bench seat which he didn't see + as his feet slipped, his forehead connected with the thick wooden seat. there was immediate bruising + swelling. we prayed for him straight away + as soon as we stopped, the only other person at the park came over + said, 'excuse me i hope you don't mind me intruding but i saw what happened + i'm a nurse'. She was so lovely! We chatted + agreed that he should be checked over. We were only about a 15min drive to mum + dad's so dad watched Stass + Liji while Brett + I took Zip + Eth to the dr's nearby. We thought we'd have to wait ages but after a very short 10 min wait, he was seen + was fine. Sore head but fine. Praise God! Eth was a very brave little man :)
* Is our sports-mad boy. You name the sport, he loves playing it. He gets a ruler + a plastic milk lid + says, 'look at my puk. i'm playing ice hockey!' you name it. he wants to play it!
* Said not that long ago, "When I live in America + play football when I'm big, will you still come + visit me?"
* Eth's favourite movie is 'Facing the Giants'
* Is so MEGA proud of himself that he finally taught himself to be like his dad + big brother + has learned how to do 'arm farts'!!! yes. i did just type that. lol :) its something that the boys try after their baths but poor eth hasn't been able to make *that noise until now! He's just so chuffed!

In other news....
I got to catch up with two of my all-time fave people yesterday; Christina + Carol. We were in the same church together when I first came to know Jesus + we all went through alot together. I was bridesmaid for Christina + have cherished her friendship so much over the years as we have walked with the Lord, become wives + raised children. I've missed catching up with Carol over recent years so it was just beautiful to reconnect again + let the kids hang out a bit together too. Love you both girls + so looking forward to doing it again soon :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Mum + dad's quick visit
2. Brett coming grocery shopping with us + that the kids did well :)
3. Great chats with Reb, Sumi, Meng + Dee this week
4. That Brett hasn't been in too much pain with the gout issue
5. Resting with my family



Nat said...

Thanks for the update hun, love and missing your family. Praying for Brett's foot - bummer hey! God is bigger though.
On a side note, is my blog updating? I've done 2 posts recently, and no-one has commented, which is a little unusual - or maybe my posts are just boring! Ha!
Love you xx

Anonymous said...

I feel all caught up now :) Love reading all your happenings. Have a great weekend.

luv Kaz :)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Praise God that Brett's foot is much better! Gout can be so painful.

Chrissy said...

Love reading the updates on your munchkins honey. :) I really feel for Brett, Michael recently has had a few bouts of gout too, he could hardly walk with it my poor love, it was so bad. :( I pray it eases up for your Bretty...


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