Saturday, August 1, 2009

From our weekend so far [and a special hello]...

the teddy bear i mentioned in my last post that liji coloured that we laminated so zippi didn't tear sweet... ethi LOVES that floor puzzle Nat - wants to do it over and over every day! Thanks again honey :) (btw i tried to comment on your blog but i couldn't. sorry mate)...

zippi trying to bat at the little dangly things on her playmat - just discovering her hands :)

brett put a massive tent peg into the ground and tied this netted soccer ball to the other end so the kids can kick it around all day - great idea dad!

the veggie patch is coming along beautifully - full of 'safe' (well moderate) vegies; leek, carrots, snow peas, celery, brussel sprouts, shallots + red cabbage...

combing through the near empty compost after it had been put into another planter box...

and a little pumpkin lying on our bed :)
from our home...the globe lit up in the playroom/new learning room area. this was my brother's when we were kids. brings back alot of memories. miss my bro...

picked up this huge white cane basket with lid on wednesday after a little family cafe trip. it now holds all of my fabrics + was a bit of a bargain really...
and finally, expressing milk, a new book for brett + some chocolate for me (thanks Christina!!!) all on our coffee table tonight. i'm 'worship leading' tomorrow for the first time in about a year so thought the expressed milk might come in handy :) We'll see how it goes :) I just love that there is no pressure about that sort of stuff in our church.

And a special message for our lovely Ellie W....Meng told me you were reading here during the week + so a special shout out to you gorgeous girl! Hope you + Tim are well + we send our love to you both! Did you get my little letter in the mail? Hope it arrived! xox

5 things I am thankful for today:
1. Rest!
2. Yummy dinner that Brett cooked
3. Getting enough milk expressed :)
4. That our water got clean again after being all yucky + brown this morning. Man how we take this sort of stuff for granted. Thank you Lord for clean water + make me not complacent towards those who do not have access to clean water.
5. Seeing Kristy H this week after so many years! Thankful for memories of growing up in a lovely neighbourhood (love to Karen too) .
God bless,


Nat said...

Hi hun, some great little things around your home - love the new basket.
And ta for popping by my blog - I thought you would usually be around within a day so was wondering why you hadn't posted... I'll see what settings I've changed, ggrrr... ta :)

Hugs xx

lusi said...

Oh hun I think it was more my computer than anything! Will try again today :)
Love you sweets!
L x

miss~nance said...


I love to come into your blog and read about your everyday things. Vegie patch is coming along well and I love the globe light.

Hope worship went well today.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
Wow, isn't Zippi growing up so quickly?

Liji's teddy bear looks gorgeous.



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