Sunday, July 26, 2009

hoola hooping on :)

we got a wii fit and i have registered my body up + been having a blast with some of the activities on there. i'm not into yoga but there's a heap of other stuff you can do like jogging, hoola hoops, tight rope walking and alot of it is aimed to improve posture, muscle strength, mobility + weight loss too. I've targeted to lose 10kg's over 4 or so months. I think that is a realistic one compared with how I've gone at loosing weight before. Anyway, its certainly not something i freak out over - i've just had a baby and i am breastfeeding so i'm not trying to shed anything immediately - but i also know from experience that i feel much more energetic when i'm a bit lighter. so easy does it!
but i figure, why not have fun in the process? i can't leave home to walk at the mo, so at least i can do this at night. actually brett registered himself too so its something we can do together :) we love that kind of stuff.
more another time :)
love + blessings + thanks so much again for the prayer coverage today. boo boo has gone to bed sweetly + is hopefully having beautiful dreams :)
thanks also to my lovely friends who phoned, texted or emailed about him. i really appreciate you all!
God bless,
Lus x


Gayle said...

Shhhhh...don't tell my kids, but I have just put a Wii on layby for christmas at the Target Toy Sale :D
I am actualy the one who really wanted it...I am sooo excited! hehe..giggling like a kid here.

singing mama said...

I love our wii fit !!

We have had it for over a year and last year when I lost 17 kilos, (which is now almost back on :()a large chuck of my exercise daily was using the wii fit. I found I could work up a sweat esp with the boxing and by doing lunges and things in between. Some of the yoga poses are actually really good for stretching out your muscles!! I have very tight muscles and didnt look at the yoga poses at first but in the end I found a few of them were fantastic for a 'warm down' at the end of an exercise session.

I hope you enjoy it Lusi, they are soooo much fun!!

Glad to hear Ethi is feeling better!!

Love Donna

Nat said...

Ooh I didn't know you had a Wii!!! Its on our 'want' list, but we'll see... Wii Fit would work better for me being a SAHM at least!!
Great to hear Boo is getting better, hope he had a good rest.

Chrissy said...

LOL We are a Wii family here too! So fun! :)

Glad and thankful to hear your little guy is doing ok, it's hit our house hard at present, grateful Michael isn't here to catch it but missing him and his help I would have had with sick kiddoes too iykwim....

Love to you hon!

Jasmine said...

I love our Wii Fit too :) It's so much fun. The kids and I love playing lots of other Wii games too - like tennis, baseball, bowling - even those give a you great workout.

Leanne said...

Yay for the Wii fit!I think i may have to get back on our soon...once i can *yawn* keep my eyes open! lol!


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