Sunday, May 17, 2009

One pound blessing...

I've only come across THIS BLOG today and read of the loss that this family has endured recently in the passing of their dear daughter Kayleigh. She was born one pound and after i think about 10.5 months on earth, she has gone now to be with the Lord. Let's uphold this family in prayer.


Tara said...

Have been following this off and on for a while. Had a good cry the other day about her... different spelling but same name as my precious girl.

miss~nance said...

I have also been following them for a few weeks now (found a prayer request on my charming kids). Would have loved to have let a pink balloon go for her memorial service Sunday but it was 3am here. I have also found quite a few other families to pray for from their blog.

It makes me soooooooooo thankful for my families health.


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