Sunday, May 3, 2009


* the kids & I did memory verses & read aloud another chapter in Mark
* we began reorganising the homeschool learning room - and believe me it needed it! will share some before and after shots later :)
* Liji got Brett a cup of water to go with his lunch without being asked
* Stass & Eth enjoyed riding bikes outside and playing a make believe game that involves a boy named Hector and a policeman!
* the phone is going to answering machine
* i'm grateful for Brett doing some washing for us and am treasuring these last days before he returns to work
* i'm loving nursing our baby
* is about continuing to be as consistent as possible with disciplining our kids as we disciple them in the ways of the Lord
* i am not bothered by the jobs not yet done around the house but instead am focussing on what HAS been accomplished
* worship fills my house
* i'm feeling excited about my sis being up here this week from interstate to meet Zipporah for the first time!

I know its been a while but that doesn't matter...will you join me in REALLY sharing about your day? Don't forget, you can copy and paste the code in the 'Get Real Baby' box to the right >>> if you like. Oh and hey, why not post a pic of your day too?
Love to all and blessings in Christ Jesus,


Rebecca Vavic said...

Love this post, I must join you in doing the "Get Real Baby" ... have some ideas, will do sooooooon.

Love to you and yours as always.

Carolina said...

I've finally done a GET REAL blog post Lusi! Took my sweet time i know and it's not all that deep but steps hey? Thanks for sharing you day :)

jodie said...

Hi Lusi...i have to admit i've been a bit of a lurker on your blog for awhile now but have just begun my own blog and have decided to take part in the GET REAL thing. I have just done my first GET REAL post.Just want to encourage you on the blog...i love reading about your family life and faith.I am always encouraged in my own walk with God after reading your blog. Thanks for being REAL!

miss~nance said...

Hey Lusi great to see a new Get Real post. I was planning on doing one this week so thanks for the prompt. I've posted mine.

Lotsa Love, hugs & blessings.


Nat said...

Hi honey, I haven't blogged on my site for so long I don't even know if it still exists!! REALLY!
Love your 'reallys'.... and OMGosh I cannot wait till I *hopefully* get to see you SOON!!
Have a FABBO time with your sis!!
Oh, and is your email not working?? I emailed you some flight times to peruse a couple of days ago - will you not have got them!??


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