Sunday, May 3, 2009

For little Sarz....

Sarz D, not sure if you are reading this honey but i tried commenting on your blog tonight and it wouldn't let me :( I can't email at the moment to let you know so thought I would just post it here in the hope that you might read this. Brett did tell me he thought he saw you up the street a couple of weeks back. He came back from the shops and said, 'you'll never guess who i reckon just drove down the main street!!!!' we WILL catch up some day! Perhaps a little wesley reunion is possible next time Anth comes back for a visit? What say you Anth and Sumi?
Anyway, loved your post on Fireproof little Sar and we've also been enjoying listening to the Bible on CD. We have an NIV dramatised version and the kids have been enjoying listening too as we travel places. Sometimes Brett puts it on in our room as little Zippi is trying to drop off to sleep.
Love to you little Sar!
Lus x

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Sarz said...

Wow a blog post just for me! :-) I wonder why it wouldn't let you comment? Oh well. Yay Brett saw us! We were up cooking for our Youth Kids when they were on KYCK. Had just picked up about 60 bread rolls and were headed back to make lunch! I was wondering all the time if you had had the bub and lo a behold you had! Beautiful little Zippi!:-)
Wouldn't it be great to get everyone together sometime? Definetly when Anth is back again, be great if we can call them all from afar... Mar & Sar, Cathy, Dean, Melski, Kirsty, Katisha and everyone from far and beyond!!!

How good is the Audio bible! We have been listening everyday in the car and as we drift off to sleep.

Love to you all, hugs & kisses! MWA! XOXOXOX
little Sarz


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