Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wish i had a decent title for this post....

But i don't.
So i'll just share the pics that I wanted to with you :)

Here's Liji dressing up as safari man taking photos around the backyard.... Zippi is quite an expressive little bubba...

and here she is giving a little smile to Brett (a wind smile although he won't hear a bar of that *wind* nonsense!

Yesterday my beautiful sister Dee arrived from Melbourne and the kids (and us) were thrilled...

and of course she was more than thrilled to hold her niece for the first time...

Mum and dad brought her up and we all celebrated mum's birthday together...

Mum and dad have their birthdays 2 weeks apart so we celebrated both of them while Dee was here with this *safe* cake I made. Zippi had her real 3 week growth spurt and did not much else other than feed and scream yesterday! So the most I could manage was the 9 minute microwave cake while Brett cooked the whole baked dinner for us all. Here's mum and dad (so cute) before blowing out their candles together...
Ethi just looking so gorgeous showing off one of his Thomas magnets that he's been enjoying playing with lately...

Dee took some snaps of me with Zipporah today...

And Dee finished off the night playing Dora 'Trouble Bubble' game with the kids (before 2 were sent to bed for mucking up unfortunately) but they did have a lovely time with her. She's taken a turn to sleep on a matress on the floor in each of their rooms so far. So sweet and the kids think it's awesome :) Dee and I went for breakfast today at our fave cafe with Zip, we also did the shopping with her, a doctor's appointment and then some op shopping too. Busy day!

* Oh Nat, I haven't been on the other computer much which has the email account - sorry mate, will try and look at it tomorrow :)
* Happy birthday for yesterday to my friend Lu - hope your day was lovely! Send my love to you mate.

5 things I am thankful to God for today:
1. Precious time hanging out with Dee
2. The time Brett has had off work
3. Getting some order back in the house where we can
4. The NIV dramatised Audio Bible that we have playing tonight while Zip sleeps
5. Our backyard

Love and blessings,


Rebecca Vavic said...

Sweetheart... these photos are darling... your sister did Goooooood.
So glad she is there to hang out with you.
Love and Hugs

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Lusi,
The black and white photo that Dee took of you and Zippi is absolutely beautiful - your radiance shines - Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Love these photos

Kaz :)


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