Sunday, April 5, 2009

A great game....

For $15 from K-Mart, I bought this game today for the kids called, 'Rat in the Stack'. It requires NO batteries, is so easy to set up and follow. If you are looking for a fun and affordable game, this is it!

Here's the little backed tablecloth I made for the new coffee table we picked up on the weekend...

On the way to pick up said coffee table, we passed by Sumi and Noel's and called in and spent a lovely impromptu morning with them and the kids. It was so lovely. So need to do that more often guys :) Love you all! We also popped into Koorong and picked up some books and met up with my beautiful mate Christina :) Love you my friend :)

There was such a beautiful time of ministry at church yesterday morning. We feel so blessed to be a part of a congregation where there is a beautiful mix of ages of people, family make-up and personalities. So lovely to have people come and lay hands on us and pray for us as the Holy Spirit leads them.

In the afternoon, we had the Blackers come over and hang until after dinner. It was so refreshing. Nomes and I even got to pop out for a milkshake and we ended the night praying altogether in the loungeroom. Love these guys :)

Quiet day on the home front today. We've all pitched in and done chores, read more of our Corrie Ten Boom read aloud, are up to memory verses, our read a loud in the book of Mark plus we have some mixed media artwork collage things to finish ;) The kids are enjoying morning tea and the fact that its not raining outside!

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. Kids' willing attitudes to help around the house as they learn what it is to be an active and useful part of our family
2. Fine weather
3. Psalm 46 and Christina's encouraging texts of scripture yesterday :)
4. Brett kept safe during his State League game on the weekend
5. Rest

Lus x
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Sumara said...

It was so fabulous to see you all!

I adore how friendly and enthusiastic Stass, Liji and Ethan are. They're truly beautiful little people, Lus, and I loved having you all here together.

Your coffee table looks great. :)

Nicole said...

That game looks like fun. Think my three might be a bit too small for it yet though......

Been thinking of you heaps girl as you get closer to meeting you little girl.

Much love to you all


Nicole said...
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Anonymous said...

A coffee table - awesome!!!

Sounds like a great weekend for you all.

Kaz :)

singing mama said...

Hey lovely Lusi :)

I hadnt been on the net for a few days and so it was good to go on and catch up on your blog! Those pics of the kids from years ago are precious! I loved how you shared your pre birth and birth routines, some of them we do too, and some are great ideas! Thank you for the link to that article by Sally, such a worthwhile read!! You are such a blessing Lusi ! thankyou for sharing your heart with us!

Love Donna


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