Friday, April 3, 2009

Are you in need of some Godly encouragement?

Then click HERE and read SALLY CLARKSON'S post which is called 'A light in the Darkness'. I just read a chapter in her book 'Season's of Motherhood which talked on a similar topic and was just so encouraging. How could I not share this link?

I was in need of reading this after a very difficult night settling our kids.
Thankfully, His mercies are new every morning! Great is His faithfulness, especially in my weaknesses and failures :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Having Stass offer cheerfully to vacuum the floor tonight and then fold some washing with me. Such a sweet blessing to me.
2. Catching up with Donna and the other lovely homeschooling mums during Israeli dancing class at Wendy's today.
3. Wendy offering me a collection of maternity bras in the EXACT size that I needed! How good is God?!
4. Stuffing it all up and being able to go to the Lord and tell Him and ask for and recieve his forgiveness
5. Seeing Nomes a couple of times this week and being encouraged in our faith and in our role of motherhood :)

Lus x


Karen L said...

Lusi thanks for sharing this today - how timely or me. Thank you my dear friend.

Mel said...

Hello Beautiful!
Been thinking of you , hope all is well with you guys. Love to catch up soon

Sarah (jakey) said...

Loved the Sally Clarkson post - thanks Lusi! Also LOVE the pics of your kids doing their artwork, so precious. xo

nicole s said...

Hi Lusi,
Somehow I stumbled on this blog - don't know how I found it. I think I have seen your name in the Aussie Reader gallery in CK along side mine sometimes. I remembered your name because my baby girls name is Lucy. I too am a Christian, husband is a minister of local church, I am obviously a scrapbooker, I follow McK mama too and I like your taste in music (LOVE Brooke F and Jennifer Knapp)! Just want to say 'hi' - come check my blog sometime.

Rebecca Vavic said...

Sweets... we are off to Fiji today, wont be back till around the 20th... I know your girl will have arrived :)

Hopefully I can check back from time to time.

I will have you in my thoughts constantly.

Love You.

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Hi Lusi,
About the nursing cover: I took a friends nursing cover and traced the pattern, I enlarged it a bit, and then I sewed. If you have a friend that has a nursing cover that you can make a pattern do that. Nursing covers are expensive. God Bless. It is soooo much fun to have 4 kiddo's!

lusi said...

Hello all you lovely women :)
Karen & Sarah - so glad the Sally Clarkson post helped in some way.
Mel - Will try and call you today hun.
Nicole - so nice to *meet* you :)
Bek - have an awesome time in Fiji; enjoy every second!
Kristal - thanks so much for letting me know about the nursing cover. Will try and find a pattern or see if anyone I know has one. Thanks for the encouragement about having 4 kids - we can't wait!
Love to you all :)
Lus x


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