Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some more hospital/early days traditions...


I take photos with me of me and Brett and of the kids I've got at home waiting for me! I've found that I need to have this special visual reminder to keep my heart encouraged.
I usually have a short stay in hospital (like a night or two) and this has always worked well for us. I know alot of people vary in their preferences for hospital stay; I've had many people tell me over the years to 'treat it like a holiday and make the most of it!' but it has never been like that for me. I pine for my husband and my children to be close by and it does my soul well to be close to them almost straight after the birth. I also find I get more rest when I don't have to have my obs taken at 3am in the middle of my sleep! lol :) Totally understand that it is a necessary practice but I just love to have as little disruption as possible. Brett is such a hands on dad anyway that I've barely ever had to 'carry the load' of the house/kids, etc on my own anyway. I always get plenty of bedrest when I return here and usually have the blessing of my mum and/or sister/s staying to help out too.
So that's just us.

HOWEVER, I did have to stay in a long time with Stassi (born 5 weeks early and had several complications at birth with talipes, severe jaundice, tube feeding etc) and so I know that my plans and God's plans often differ! See I have placed this whole birth, delivery and afterbirth care into the Lord's beautiful hands and I know that whatever He has in store is fine.
YOUR will be done Lord, not mine is the cry of my heart!

So whilst I love to have a short stay, it may be that I am in hospital for several days or weeks and then these photos will come in very handy! I've printed them off this morning and wanted to share with you which ones I'll be taking...


I also take worship cd's with me and have them playing. This time around I have some Casting Crowns CD's, I have a WOW Worship Cd picked out and I've also packed another which was recorded by my great mates Heiko and Lori from my church. These will play during labour and Brett has previously brought me my own CD player to the room so that I can listen to them and have them playing while getting used to feeding, whilst bubby is sleeping and we are getting to know each other in the early days.


I ALWAYS write bubby a letter on the first day to let him/her know how thankful we are to the Lord that he/she has finally arrived! It is such an exhilirating feeling that I want to savour and lock up in the memory of my heart and mind. I often cry reading back over the letters that were written for the other kids which are filled with deep cries to the Lord for His protection, His love and His ways to rule over our kids' lives. As they grow, even know, I can see how the Lord HAS already answered some of those first-day prayers.
I take with me my Bible. I find that I have some nice quiet moments in my single room to read through the Word of God and allow it to penetrate my heart, encourage me and challenge me too. This time, like I shared a little while ago, I've made a mini book of verses which I've been memorising over the past 6 months or so. I added an extra 2 passages to it this morning. The last time I stayed over night in hospital I was able to memorise this...
'Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith, who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross scorning its shame, and sat down and the right hand of the throne of God. Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinful men so that you will not grow weary and lose heart'. Hebrews 12:2-3


If Brett comes to visit on his own (with the kids being looked after by grandparents at home), and say bub is sleeping, we usually play Uno in the room. We also love to play our 'your question' game where one person asks the other any kind of question and you must give a truthful answer and then it is the other's turn to ask one. Playing 'Your Question' and Uno are two ways we get a little special time in together too.

Brett and I always have a time of prayer and thanksgiving straight after bub is delivered. It is a very sacred time for us to rejoice in the miracle of new life and we couldn't get to that point without the Lord. Then we get to ring our families and friends and share the news with them!

Have you got any other little traditions surrounding birth that you want to share? I'd love to hear your stories too!
Love Lus x


Jess said...

I love your letter idea! I wish I'd done that :) My last three births have been at the Launceston Birth Centre which is very homely and Hubby and I always have it to ourselves so it is like a little honeymoon. It is the only time we spend a night away from the other kids. I have photos of my two boys and my littlest girl in the wicker crib at the birth centre taken within a few hours of their birth :) I don't know if you'd call it a tradition or not, but hubby and I usually stop at MacDonalds on the way home and grab a meal too! I'm usually home again well within 24 hours, I rest best at home.

Tara said...

I've had three c-section births, and have stayed in hospital six days each time. By that time I am so well and truly ready to be home. My desire would be to go home as soon as allowed, except I know that I am not good at bed rest, so staying in hospital really is the best option.

This last time with Jos I was in tears for a couple of days at the thought of having to stay in hospital :)

And yet I still did too much once at home.

I took a photo of Brett and the kids with me this time. It was so nice to be able to look at them and think of them and pray for them.

I usually write a letter before the birth and then after.

The hospital does a candle lit dinner which is nice to share with my man.

Prayer and praise as soon as possible after - a bit less alone time after a c-section.

My mum waits in the room for us and is there when we come back.

So much more but this comment is long enough already!

lusi said...

That's fantastic Jess - a little 'honeymoon' is such a sweet way to look at it! And Maccas on the way home certainly does sound like a little tradition - good on you!
And Tara - we sound like we have had similar experiences with the exception of the c-sections. Such a precious time hey.
I forgot to write before that we also tape our births. I've only watched each one once or twice but it really is a special thing to watch since I'm not always very present and 'in the moment' I guess you could say.
Keep the sharing coming! I love hearing about people's birth experiences.
Love Lus x

Zarna said...

Don't think I could watch the birth! That memory is burnt in there for good lol...

I don't really have a tradition because I've only done this once before and I didn't really know what to expect last time, but I remember looking down at my stomach after I gave birth and thinking "How skinny am I?" I'm never someone that can think that way about myself and I find it funny that the only time I've ever really had that go through my head was when I was probably larger than I'd ever been in my life prepregnancy lol

Mell Mallin said...

Aw Lus, I remember these days just before the birth and thinking of all the fun times ahead.

We had gifts for everyone when our kids were born, it's lovely to let them know they are still spesh! We always gave it to them all wrapped up with a tag that said "from... (insert new baby's name)" I let the boys pick a doll for Ella for them to give to her in hospital when she was born, it was lovely!

I never stay long either (as you would know!) I stress at hospital and like you, recover better at my home with my beautiful Mickle who helps GRAND amounts!

We have a tradition (a photographic one of course!) in which each child has had a photo taken in the bouncer in the first few days home. I'm yet to frame Ella's... tisk tisk! This bouncer has special memories - when we first got home with Jacob, it was snowing, Mick had put the fire on at home before he left to pick us up, and so we walked in the house, two brand spanking new parents, and a perfectly perfect baby boy. We stood in the lounge room in silence for a few minutes, me still holding Jacob, and then looked at each other a little confused and bewildered and went... "well now what?"
Thats when Mick ran to the nursery to get the bouncer and we plopped him in it and there he slept, being dragged around the house in it for 6 weeks!

Each time after, both with Travis and Ella, the bouncer was already ready when we got home and we always put new baby in it and recalled how very strange it was that first time we welcomed a new member into our family.


Mell Mallin said...

Pa ha!

I also forgot the OTHER tradition.

Mum was with me at the labour and birth of Jacob, and for the labour of Travis, she then waited in the room while I went to have the C section for Travis and was there to welcome him when our beautiful midwife Annie wheeled him back. With Ella, Mick and I waited alone in the room until C section time, it was to our delight that the time was brought forward but it looked like Mum couldn't make it in time as she doesn't drive and Dad was at work. About 2 minutes before I was carted off, she dashed in the door proclaiming "I made it!!!" and she was there again to welcome our bubby girl when the midwife brought her up.

PA HA!!! Enough yammering from me... anyone'd think it's my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lus
Im really excited for you, reading this post, what an exciting time it must be!!!

Remember to take your favourite scent. Something that is calming and reassuring, something familiar to you that you like. That always helped me.

When Mady was born, the nurses perfume stayed in my mind the whole time, so much so, that I went out and bought the exact perfume (not to wear) but each time I smelt it, I thought of Mady's labour.

I hope I can visit you in hospital, just to play a game of UNO too - love that game.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Luv Kaz xx

Nicole said...

Your traditions are beautiful. I don't really have any just make sure that I've got photos nearly straight after birth, while bubs still all gooey.

Like you I just go with the flow and let it all happen, no point in stressing about it, natural experience. I'm glad all three have been fairly uncomplicated deliveries.


Kath said...

such great traditions. loved reading this. you are an inspiration lusi.


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