Saturday, April 11, 2009

5 Things that have been so helpful during pregnancy...

Mostly for my own benefit to remember from this pregnancy...

1. Belly Bands
Mine were from Bonds I think and came in a two pack of black and white. I have switched between them and worn them almost every single day of the pregnancy. I love 'em! :)

2. Flip Flops from Big W
I got my black slip-on flips flop shoes (or *thongs* as we say in Australia) and they are my everyday choice for footwear. Easy to get on and off. They live in an alluminium bucket at the front door :)

3. 'Breastfeeding Naturally'...
by Jill Day which I recieved recently when I subscribed to the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Very helpful info and it is now packed in my hospital bag :)
4. Scriptures Memorised
Some that have really helped me are...
Psalm 46:1-3
Psalm 34:4-5
Hebrews 12:2-3
Psalm 118:6

5. Magnesium supplements

These have helped elminate leg cramps. These + prayer!

More soon,


Carolina said...

I totally agree with you Lusi re the belly bands, i'll be buying one of these for a close friend who's just into her first pregnancy. Great to see you're keeping well :)

Rebecca Vavic said...

Sweets... just popped in to see how it all goes with you and yours.

I see "She-Z" has not yet arrived, or perhaps as I write this she has?

I will check again soon when we are back in Oz.

Thinking of you with love

Tara said...

Oooh, leg cramps, I remember those. Ouchies.

I was going to physio for my back and she recommended raising the end of the bed... did wonders!

Melissa Kennedy said...

Thinking of you at this time and in case i don't drop past again before bub is born - just wishing you all the best and youa re in my prayers.

Cass said...

Praying for you as the arrival of your precious little girl gets closer!


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