Sunday, March 1, 2009

Up to Newcastle for a little weekend away...

Just for me and Brett.

It was so lovely.

He played in a basketball comp with teams from all over NSW in prep for the State League Basketball Season.


After a break last year, Brett is playing State League again. He played for 3 seasons in a row a couple of years back and loved it. It is going to be a lot of work for us but we both, after praying so much about it, have God's perfect peace that this is right for Brett and for us as a family.

A while ago, I was thinking that it would be so lovely if we could have a night away somewhere but felt that it was not likely to happen with only weeks until bubba #4 makes her entrance.
But...the Lord knows the desires of our heart - even the unspoken ones! - and then this opportunity came to go away. We love travelling together because we play the 'your question' game where we ask each other a question and just talk about a million topics in between! Like, 'do you miss scrapbooking?' or 'what are you loving about homeschooling right now?' we LOVE this game and have been playing it for almost 10 years now. It has moulded some amazing conversations and prayers over that time.

We were able to catch up with our mates Pete and Tiff and our 'God kids' Benno and (my namesake) Little Lus. It's been way too long since we saw them last and it was just such a blessing to spend some quality time together! Thanks so much for lunch and showing us the house! It was such a blessing guys and we love ya's!

Brett and I got to go and have a Thai meal (our fave) and when we got there (which we didn't realise until we were in there!) was silver service - my goodness! We've NEVER been to a restaurant where they put the napkin in your lap and top up your water every five minutes! It was an incredible treat.

My tooth has been very sore and my glands are up so we will be HOPING to get an answer about the dental work tomorrow. Please pray that there is a way this can be treated soon. Ta :)

When we arrived home, my beautiful parents had the sad time to tell us about a couple of awful incidents that had happened with the kids.Not injury wise just words-wise. I cried. I was sad that they had said some awful things to them. You don't want to hear that after a lovely time away but that's what happened. We came back to reality very quickly and had to speak to the kids about it.

But what I love is that our life is coloured by these moments -these opportunities to be real about the life that Christ gives us. He gives us opportunities to understand more about what He means about CONFESSION (saying what we have done to miss the mark), REPENTANCE (saying that we don't want to do that again and choosing to walk away from it; walking in a different direction) FORGIVENESS (letting God deal with it and letting go of it of it ourselves).

"His mercies are new every morning".

Yes they are and I am so thankful for that.
Hope your weekend was memorable too.

5 things I am thankful for....

1. Spending time with Brett walking on the beach, chatting, cheering him on, laughing and snuggling :)
2. Mum & Dad being here loving our kids (even through the hard bits)
3. Psalm 78
4. Cuddling the kids when we walked in the door and seeing their gorgeous homemade 'Welcome home' signs hung up in the house!
5. Pete & Tiff and the kids :)
Lus x


singing mama said...

Wow! What a blessing to have a chance to go away and have some "couple"time!! How good is God!

How challenging parenting can be and how much it can bring us to our knees at times. How wonderful though that you could teach the kids more about an essential part of Jesus, - forgiveness.

Luv Donna

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear that you both had some "time out" before the princess arrives.

Much love
Kaz :)

Sumara said...

Oooh, how nice to have a weekend away.

You're all going through so much lately - starting homeschool, baby on the way, lots of health stuff etc... I'd be surprised if the kids weren't acting out a little, you know?

You're very blessed to have your parents around for you and willing to have all the kids for you. Say hi to them for me hey?


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