Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things I am looking forward to doing this week...

ETA: Type in red now completed :)
Type in blue is being worked on or held off for another time

* Having fun learning days with the kids. The kids want to write a 'book' this week after being inspired by reading 'Library Mouse' who writes all kinds of books
- Liji has begun working on his book today with some great illustrations already :)
- After learning about composition of stories, Stassi is also half way through her book!
We had a great week of learning and living - from Israeli dancing to story writing, maths work that Stass is comprehending, Spanish, play dates, lots of reading aloud and baking...couldn't have been better!

* Going to catch a flick with my sister in law
- had to give it a miss (was planned for today) as my tooth was too sore but another time :)

* Sewing a blue gingham cushion cover with a zip! Not yet but i did manage to alter a valance for out bed that had been sitting there needing work for the past 6 months or so. Thanks Brett for your help with it mate!
- I ended up sewing a red one instead :) And managed the zip! Yay!

* Baking some banana cake with the kids maybe even for morning tea in the morning :)
- Stassi actually baked this today herself as part of homeschooling. It is the first thing she has baked from start to finish all by herself (supervised of course!) It incorporated reading, collating, measuring, organising, planning and much more. She even put away all the ingredients later and washed up (attempted to anyway!) her dirty bowls etc. We were all very proud of her efforts and we enjoyed it this afternoon for arvo tea :)

* Meeting up with the homeschooling group mums for coffee and prayer one night (yay!)
- That was at Wendy's Thurs night and was such a blessing - a time for prayer, a time of sharing bargains, a time for meeting new people and catching up with older acquaintances. It really was very refreshing and I'm so glad I went!

* Getting this tooth dealt with :) Praise God - am booked in for an extraction this week after not being able to get any answers/help for 3 weeks! Am also on some new antibiotics which are safe for bubba and safe for platelet levels (yay!) which should kick in tomorrow if not earlier. Am so thankful to God for moving on this as i was starting to go down hill pretty quickly today with pre-fever symptoms showing. Thanks so much if you prayed for me too :)

* Israeli dancing class

* Soaking in a bath

* Soaking in God's presence!

* Catching up on some washing
- And seeing Stassi getting more and more confident with putting on washing too! She's so excited about that and we're so proud of her!

* Getting bub's cot mattress sorted out - wooohoooo! Just need to pick it up now :)

* Calling Donna!
- And even getting a visit in with Donna and the girls on Friday! Woohoo :)

"A man makes plans in his heart, but the Lord determines his steps"
- Proverbs 16:9

God willing i will get some of these done :)
What are your plans for the coming week?
Lus x


Melissa Kennedy said...

Looking forward to seeing what the kids come up with - hope you share it with us...

singing mama said...

YaY! looking forward to your call :) and seeing you at the dancing :) are you coming on thurs night?
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Thanks Mel - will share later in the week. Love to you and hope all is well with you and your lovely family. xox

Donna - will try and make the call early this week and yep will be there Thurs :) YAY! xox

Anonymous said...

....finding my kitchen under the paint sheets (it got lost under there over the weekend and still cant come out) not to mention the family room and all the furniture in the entry that we step across to get upstairs! That should fill the week, I think, plus 2 dental appts, soccer training, soccer final and soccer grading!!! The soak in the bath bit sounds good.

Good luck with your toothy. Im off to the dentist tomorrow too, major work, but not having a tooth pulled - ouch.

Saw you and the family up town today in your lovely pink top :)

Kaz xx


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