Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks everyone :)

Firstly, thanks so much for your prayers for Brett yesterday and for my visit today to the dentist. It's so wonderful to have so many prayerful friends and we appreciate everyone of you!

Brett's teeth are great and he is not in any pain today - PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!!! He's just getting used to the feeling of having something new there that over time will begin to feel more like his own teeth!

My visit was great this morning. The dentist and his staff were exceptional in their care and understanding. Very compassionate and kind. The tooth had very deep roots and was very wide so it took a long time to come out and quite a few more local anaesthetic injections than first thought but after the drill was brought out, it came out. He decided the give me a suture because it was such a big whole to avoid something called 'dry socket' as well as any additional bleeding. This extra precaution I believe was really God's wisdom for my situation. I will have to get that suturing removed next week.

The other incredible thing that happened was that in the 'mix-up' (i have it in inverted commas because I believe my God who ordains all things and knows the perfect timing of all that comes to pass, allowed this to happen!!!) was that one dental receptionist mentioned that she thought i was on a particular public health plan which i was not. However, because mentioned the name and i wrote it down, i asked my gp if i qualified for it and i did! So today's visit which I was told would cost $500 was free! And it was free because my GP came in to work on her only day off to meet with me and fill in the appropriate paper work yesterday too! Ah God is so incredible when we see His hands at work and trust in Him hey.

I have had my long soak in a bath today (yay!) while reading some very encouraging 'Above Rubies' magazine articles that have filled my heart with more joy in the Lord too.

At the church baby blessing/shower last week, Helen my dear friend had been praying for a particular verse for me for the time of labour and leading up to it too and it was Psalm 34:4-5 which says:

"I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame".

I had only memorised the first line of this but it really came in handy this morning as I kept saying it over and over in my spirit. Lord, thank you for delivering me from all my fears! It may not seem a big deal to get a tooth pulled, but since it was the first time I'd had any work since being diagnosed with the platelet disorder (even though it is in remission!) and with not having a spleen (even though the Lord has given me a new small one!) and with being pregnant, I still had fears as to how all this would pan out. But God really did deliver me from ALL my fears and during the procedure I felt his perfect peace. It was like he was sitting there right next to me holding my hand and reassuring me it was all going to be just fine. He is so good!

I encourage you to read the rest of Psalm 34 too - it's a very encouraging and challenging psalm :)

Last night I had the great blessing of catching up with my new friend Donna. You might recall that we met a couple of weeks back at a homeschooling gathering and being Christians, new to hs'ling this year and having some mutual friends, we just hit it off immediately!!! We chatted for like an hour and a half last night and prayed and shared our hearts. It was just what I needed mate and I thank God so much for you! Hope your day has been lovely so far today!

Christine, thanks for the link to that blog - what a beautiful woman and i will visit frequently. Loved her photography, the music and lots about what she had to share :) I haven't asked Ian and Helen about that dvd yet but will next time i see them :) Thanks for the reminder!

So thanks again so much for all your prayers everyone and your thoughts and emails. Am sending my love right back to you! God's most beautiful blessings be with you all :)

5 things I am so thankful to the Lord for today:

1. A complication-free dental visit!!!!
2. God's amazing provisions :)
3. Seeing the kids bike riding around after the dental visit (thanks Brett for thinking ahead and packing their bikes - you are the best dad ever!!!) and seeing them so excited to show me what they had been doing!
4. My soaking bath
5. Above Rubie Ministries

Lus x


singing mama said...

Sweet Lusi,
So glad the whole "tooth" thing went well! And how like God to give you a unexpected blessing of a MUCH smaller cost than you thought. PRAISE HIM! He is the God of the big and small details!
Thanks again for the chat last night really helped my heart!

Luv Donna

Sal :-) said...


What a wonderful outcome for your whole tooth process. & having had a DH with Dry Socket, you'll be so thankful that the dentist took procautions for you not to get it, it's nasty. & what a blessing with the $500 saving :-)


& love that verse Lusi :-D

Melissa Kennedy said...

God is good.... So glad everything has worked out for you

Sarah (jakey) said...

Praise God for all those 'dental blessings' Lusi :)
I love the Above Rubies Mags too, so inspiring hey!

Rebecca Vavic said...

Oh wow Lusi...
Thank God both you and Brettels are all good in the teeth department now :)
Also, so good about your health benefits and saving $500! Whoot Whooo!!

Much love and thoughts of you daily my friend...
I hold you in my heart and prayers during these last few weeks of pregnancy.

Hugs and blessings.

Karen L said...

Lusi what an answer to prayer re you tooth - so glad to hear it all went well. Thanks for the "REAL" challenges - loved the holiday one - it is up on my blog now too.


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