Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some goals for the coming week...

I did this a fortnight or so ago at the beginning of the homeschooling week and it really helped me stay focussed. I encourage you to try it too if you are the kind of person who thinks you rarely get anything accomplished (this proves otherwise once you've ticked off what you have done!) and it also helped me stay focussed and finish some tasks too.

I just remind myself though of these two verses first....
"A man makes plans in his heart, but it is the Lord who orders his steps" (Proverbs 16:9) and also "Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12).
No matter what plans I might make, my heart is that the Lord will have His way and lead and guide my every moment...

Ok keep in mind that I am nesting....

Some 'plans'....

* Order cloth nappies! - on hold as we assess whether or not I am actually going to attempt to make them instead (did i just type that???!!!)
* Look for material for Passover costumes - purchased from the op shop
* Design simple Passover costumes ready for me and Stassi to begin sewing
* Nature Walk with the kids - collecting/sketching on nature walk
* Catch up on the Homeschool Diary -done and kids' portfolio's updated too
* Pack hospital bag for labour - not really but did manage to buy maternity underwear that I've been needing :) Yay!
* Chat with Tara :) - not quite but we did manage to get some emails in!
* Kids to do some canvas paintings for the playroom walls - the kids have sketched their interpretations of some of Van Gough's artworks onto canvas and will paint them today hopefully :)
* Praying and discussing with Brett about Feast of First Fruits
* Call Christie L - got to leave a message on the phone :)
* Find suitable handwriting practice book for Stassi in NSW Foundation handwriting style font - thanks - thanks Christine for the links and to Sarah (jakey) & Tam for your advice too; I've ordered the ruled books from LEM now. Christine, I have a really beautiful cursive book from I think its Rod and Staff which has beautiful verses for copywork but Stassi is just not at that level yet which is fine. We have it here though for the future which is good :) Thanks for the suggestion! We also ordered a great Science studies e-book from the Simply Charlotte Mason website and it looks fantastic!
* Call Nomes R - got a chat in with Pete tonight and look forward to chatting with Nomes another time :)
* Catch up with Nomes B - not quite but did catch up with Kaz who I've been hoping to see for a while now!

Ok well that's a good start methinks :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Getting to catch up with my beautiful Sumi and her lovely family for Charlie's 1st birthday and blessing. So so so great to see you guys! Thanks for your hospitality mate :)
2. That Liji is not vomitting anymore! Yay :)
3. God's ability to move our hearts even in the most impossible of situations
4. This laptop
5. Helpful advice about cloth nappies!

Lus x


Christine said...

Hi Lus,

For Stassi, check out

Nice Australian theme copywork and handwriting practice in foundation font. You can download the ebook for $9.95 and start straight away :)

If you are not so concerned about foundation style, I'm using these books here
They are all focused around Scripture and the curvise font is FAR more beautiful than foundation style. I buy them from



Tara said...

I love lists! Helps me get things done that I'd forget about otherwise, and makes me feel like I've done something too... even if it doesn't look like it some days.


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