Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just someone reassure me :)

I am thinking of ordering a dozen cloth nappies online tonight.
But they are expensive and I want to make sure I'm making the right choices.
Sumi has so kindly given me 3 SWADDLEBEE'S and Donna has kindly recommended MANDY MAC'S.
Do you have a preference? Any links will be gladly looked at!
I know disposables are going to be just as expensive (if not more) in the long run but parting with like $160 upfront in one hit when we've never done this before....can you see why I'm keen to 'get it right' and not waste money?
Of course I could go with the typical squares but by all accounts (from many friends who've used the more modern cloth type) it's easier to use the newer kind.
Would LOVE to know your thoughts.....
Thanks and love,
Lus x


Zarna said...

I'm not game enough to try cloth lol but I know someone who raves about "eenee's"

singing mama said...

Hey Lusi :)

I just checked out swaddlebees and they look nice too, the only thing I would think about is that you have to buy different sizes as the baby grows whereas with mandy macs you just buy the one size.

You could buy 6 of mandy macs and 6 of the swaddlebees too, as you will need at least 12 nappies.

anyway, in the end its best to go with the ones you like best.

And I KNOW the money thing is huge, but when you think, a pack of huggies is approx $20 and you need at least one pack a week, then it really is a HUGE saving to use cloth.

I was so unsure about cloth in the beginning too, but now I am totally converted.

Hope that helps :)

also, it was SO great to see you on friday!! You are such a beautiful women and so inspiring! I love our short interupted chats LOL

Luv Donna

Karen Day said...

u know im a cloth mummy :) im a sucker for a terry toweling cloth bum ... but that being said, if i had known about modern cloth nappies when i was preg with brianna i woulda bought them too. but with liam i couldnt justify because we knew he was our last bubba.

im not sure on brands though. $160 is alot! check how long each nappy is expected to last (weight of baby etc) cos that may influence ur decision. cos i get the impression that unlike terry towel squares, they are sold in sizes so will have to be replaced as the baby grows?

all the best!

Donna said...

Oh Lusi, I am no help to the fitted nappies, My Holly is 5, so I used the square cloth for her & obviously her older siblings too. I had summer babes & lots of sun to get them dry quick. I use nappy liners, the blue stripey ones, so they were my only dent to the environment...the fitted naps sound $$$$, so I guess you need something taht will fit for a while. Newborn Huggies may be expensive but it is good to have a pack especially for nights....sorry i am not much help...I love the idea of a Z name by the way, I have a Zachary, there are some beautiful Z girl names, waiting in anticipation to hear what you choose.

lusi said...

Thanks everyone!
Donna - you are right about the sizing; i had totally forgotten that the mandymac's are a one size fit! Great point there in mandymac's favour!!!
and thanks to all you other lovelies for your advice too - keep it coming! Am going to hold off buying until maybe tomorrow or even midweek.
Love Lus x

tara said...

I always found deciding on cloth nappies too overwhelming with all the choice, and gave up and went with sposies...

slacker hey!

Nat said...

Sorry I wasn't around to help make the decision hun!! But then I've not used either of the ones you mentioned, sorry!!


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