Monday, March 23, 2009


For THIS FAMILY at the moment. Their bubba Stellan who has had major issues with his heart since being in the womb has once again been admitted to hospital. As usual, they are looking to the Lord for healing and help and have asked for prayer.
I can not imagine how tough it must be to endure this but I know that the Lord will glory through this situation because they ask Him to...despite the circumstances.
"When you call on Jesus, all things are possible" - a line from the first Nicole C Mullen song on my playlist.
Jeremiah 32:27 "I am the Lord God of all mankind. Is there anything too difficult for me?"

Thank you loving Lord that NOTHING is impossible or too difficult for you.
Lus x


Anonymous said...

Hey mate...Im also praying lots for little Stellan!! I was lost for words when I read the blog last night. God keeps bringing to me "I Am Lord", the words the Lord said to Moses in Exodus 6, regarding Him being the One who would deliver the Israelites. Our God is Almighty & orders EVERYTHING in our lives for His glory!! I will continue to lift this precious family up to the One whom they desire to glorify :-)

I pray u guys are well too...cant wait to meet bubba, not long now!!

Love & kisses,
Christina xxx

lusi said...

Amen my beautiful friend!
And thanks for your prayers for us too and we send our love to all of you!
Lus x


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