Monday, March 16, 2009

I am nesting! lol :)

Little and big jobs to do today since I didn't clean at all yesterday. Instead we went to Ikea for a family adventure with Brett on his RDO. I love how spontaneous we are sometimes and how those times (as opposed to big planned events) are often the best!

I've been having some Braxton Hicks contractions over the past couple of days which I am excited about! I've not had them before with my other pregnancies. It is feeling like we are getting closer which is so exciting! So those little and big jobs are getting done over the next week or so which is also good fun :) I am taking it easy though I assure you :)

I bought some cute fabric from Ikea in the FABLER RANGE which I love and am thinking up something cute to make for the cot this week. I saw a gorgeous net for the cot on a freestanding frame which was adorable but way too expensive in a baby store yesterday so i might have a little lookie for that on ebay this week...or not. We will see :)

We finally decided on and ordered our ERGO BABY CARRIER last night! Yay! Thanks to Mell and Donna for suggestions and advice about the carrier :)

I made myself a little mini album this past weekend which contains memory verses that I am taking with me to the hospital. I might share some snaps a little later of this. It's called 'The Word is life to me' and each page has a verse/s which I've been learning over the past 6 months or so.

Our Family Planner is almost completely updated and ready to go in case of babysitters being here so they know what are 'safe' foods/recipes, etc for our family. I have one or two more little docs to pop in there but other than that it is done :) Might post some photos of this too later.

I cooked some ultra yummy (and safe!) brownies over the weekend to share at church (and i made a batch for the family for here too!) using organic carob powder. Ultra yummy is an understatement! :)

Has anyone joined in with this week's Get Real Baby Challenge? If you have, could you leave a comment here so that I can link to you? Ta ;)

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. The bonus money from Mr Rudd which has come in very handy :)
2. Hanging out with the boys today :) and watching them constructing and digging and being boys!
3. Feeling bubba kick
4. The Word Of God which is living and active!
5. Fireproof :)

Love Lus x


Gayle said...

YAY for Braxton Hicks!
Glad you had a fun day yesterday and I hope you catch up with everything today. I am finally getting caught up with all my housework I have let slide over the last week. I love it when ppl say they are coming for a visit..makes me get off my butt and clean!

Foster Fam said...

LOVE the Ergo carrier! Eli loves it too, he falls asleep nearly every time we put him in. The ONLY carrier I have been able to use without hurting either my back or shoulders.
So excited for you guys! Not long now!

Karen L said...

Yeh Lusi not long now. Can't wait to meet your little princess. Just letting you know that I have taken up the "GET REAL" challenge this week also.

elliottsmum said...

Hi Lusi
It's Kristin from Wesley. Just thought I'd leave a quick note to say I pop by your blog every now and then and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. My baby boy (number 2) is due pretty much the same time as your little girl. I find it quite amusing that late last year, I thought it was such a coincidence that I knew 2 people starting to homeschool their kids for the same sorts of reasons but they didn't know each other, but now you have met my good friend Donna and have become good friends yourself :-) I guess there is no such thing as coincidence with God in control. Anyway, God bless you and blessings and strength for your upcoming birth.

Kristin xxx

Kjirsten said...

Yep, still working on getting real, cheers Kjirsten

lusi said...

Hi Gayle - yay for cleaning and catching up time mate!
Sarah - thanks for that about the ergo; great to hear of yet another happy mum with it! Love to Mar and you and the kids mate :)
Karen - will check out your get real post; thanks for letting me know you joined in and I send my love to you!
KRISTIN!!!! WOW! So lovely of you to leave a comment mate! Donna did tell me you knew each other - such an incredibly small world but you are right; no conincidences with God hey! Congrats to you on your new bubba coming and I pray it is a wonderful experience for you guys. Pop by again! Love to you :)
Kjirsten - will pop over and read your post too; thanks for joining in again! Bless you :)
Love Lus x

Donna said...

Lusi, this is such a beautiful stage of pregnancy, wishing you all God's graces as you near welcoming her into your home.
I am joining the Kindness thread, I missed it on the weekend, a bit preoccupied! :)


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