Monday, March 16, 2009

? Quick Question ?

Does anyone know the name of the wooden tray thingy that goes across the bathtub that you can sit soap/sponges inside of?
Oh and do you know where i can get one?
Thanks in advance :)
Lus x


Kerrie said...

Hiya Lus

I think the thingy is called a bath caddy, you can buy them at Spotlight or even try eBay..

I will give you a call Lus, thanks for your Prayers..

God is so GOOD!!

Aunty Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Hi mate...its called a bath rack. Ive emailed you a link of one for sale on Ebay :-)

Exciting to hear you're getting close to popping that princess out!!!

Lots of love & blessings to you,
Christina xxx

Cass said...

I googled 'bath caddy' and got several hits. Good luck!

Maz said...

Oooh, I would love a bath caddy, but I need abath first - LOL!

I got real again this week :)

Thinking of you and yours.
Maz xx

Danielle said...

Ebay sounds like a good bet, but I instantly thought of this shop that we get catalogues for sometimes -

x dQ

lusi said...

Thanks so much guys for all the suggestions :)
Will keep my eyes peeled for a *bath caddy* or *bath rack* :)
Love to you all,
Lus x

Donna said...

I have seen them in a mail order catalogue I get called Gaiam. They are really nice, they have wooden slatted floor mats that match...

Sarz said...

I got a bath caddy last christmas! Lovely! My sister-in-law ordered it off


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