Monday, March 16, 2009


We bought the movie Fireproof today and we watched it tonight. I loved it. It was challenging, encouraging and inspiring. I think it is a MUST SEE. We have been through something similar, VERY similar in many ways, and God really has also changed us and our marriage miraculously which we are both so thankful for. We wouldn't be here without Him and His intervention in our lives. You can check out the FIREPROOF WEBSITE HERE which has alot of helful info on it. You can also watch some of the TRAILER RIGHT HERE. You can purchase the dvd HERE FROM KOORONG for $30.
It really may be the best $30 you spend this year and it may have consequences that last a lifetime.
Love Lus x


Anonymous said...

Ditto to all of that!!!!LOVED this movie...

Christina xxx

Jasmine said...

It's great isn't it :) I bought it a few weeks ago. I love the scene where Caleb's father is explaining to him how Jesus continues to love all of us even though we reject Him over and over and how none of us measure up to His standards, but He loves us so much that he extends His grace and mercy to us- powerful stuff! An email group I belong to have been doing The Love Dare, they are up to day 35 and it is so encouraging to witness the transformations in their marriages so far. God is so good!!!

Leah said...

I've just purchased it, Lusi. Thanks for the rundown & sharing the link. Am looking forward to watching it with hubby soon :)


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