Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feasts and such...

Our weekend began with Israeli Dancing on fri with the some of the local homeschooling families. The Jewish FEAST OF PURIM took place last week. While not one of God's appointed feasts, Purim ultimately points to the Lord's redemption for His peoplethrough Jesus Christ! It originated from the story of Esther in the Bible and how the whole Jewish nation was saved through Esther (You can read the whole story online HERE and then just press the little arrow key at the top to scroll through the pages).

We spent all of Friday morning reading the 10 chapters of Esther and the kids really love this story and can follow it easily. The feast of Purim is apparently a feast of joy and traditionally, people dress up. The children all made masks for the Israeli dancing (we made ours before we went). We had had a pretty ordinary couple of days towards the end of last week (Yes! His mercies ARE new every morning - thank you God so much for that!!!!) so it was almost a miracle that we got to Israeli dancing at all! Once we were there though, it was really enjoyable. The kids all sat around while a kids version of Esther was read (complete with the kids boo-ing whenever Haman's name was mentioned!) and then got into the dancing and singing. Stass is loving it so much :) The boys and I sat in the other room and I got to catch up with Donna and some of the other mums too which was lovely.

I love learning about the Lord's appointed feasts and seasons because they continue to reveal to me His amazing plans for humanity throughout the ages and eternity, His incredible character and His divine nature. It also gives me a chance to re-evaluate my walk with Him, giving me opportunities to rest with Him and showing me how much I need Him daily!

We are gearing up for the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Pentecost at the moment. We are so excited about sharing God's big picture with our kids - marrying both the old and new testaments together so that our children (and us!) remember how the Lord showed His people that Jesus, the Messiah, was coming and how Jesus himself fulfilled God's promises. We love praying and talking about ways to creatively express the feasts in our household so that the kids really remember them with a sense of celebration and reverence. Here's a link to the post I made last year about PASSOVER on my old blog if you are keen to read what it looked like for our fam.

We are by no means experts on the feasts - but we are learning so much from Him about them and are very excited about this time in our family life!

Do I believe that people are 'saved' by God by keeping His feasts? No! It's not about ticking the right boxes and then thinking that we can keep God happy that way! Do I believe that we are saved through the sacrifice of Jesus, because of His great love for us, that by realising we are sinners (confessing or telling Him that and then repenting or turning from the way we were going) and accepting His sacrifce for us by faith, that we are saved? YES! It is only He that can bring us into a right relationship with God. Do I believe that the Feasts are a great way to understand more about God and His purposes? Absoloutely!

So, anyway, that's some of my heartfelt thoughts about the Feasts.

5 things i am thankful for today:

1. The kids sleeping in till 8am
2. Sharon & Doug's bubba making it safely into the world! Wooohoooo :)
3. Beautiful sunny morning out there today :)
4. Leviticus 23
5. Fresh starts!!!!

Love Lus x


Christine said...

I'm really thrilled to hear that Yahweh has opened your eyes in regards to his appointed times still being applicable to His people :) Are others at Lighthouse seeing this too? What a blessing for you to have fellowship to share these special days with :)Are you delighting in His weekly sabbath as well?

Praise Him for His holy, just and good Torah! By grace we are saved, and by grace we obey :)

Jasmine said...

Thanks for sharing Lusi - that's awesome :) There is so much goodness to be found in the OT. I've been doing a one year bible reading plan since the start of the year. So I've spent everyday so far reading through the OT and I now have a much greater understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the depth of His love. I'm so grateful for His grace and mercy. I can see how observing the feasts would help you in understanding that too. Interestingly we had a visiting Pastor at church yesterday and he was teaching about the new covenant we have through Jesus and how important it is for us to understand what "covenant" acutally means. It was soooo good!
Praying that this week is a good one for you my friend :)
Love Jas xx

lusi said...

Hi Christine :) Yep God is good and He keeps teaching and revealing things to us which we are excited about as we seek Him and pray and ask. Really looking forward to these feasts :)

Hey Jas! Am so glad to read you too have been blessed by reading more about God through the Old Testament. You wrote, "I now have a much greater understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the depth of His love. I'm so grateful for His grace and mercy. I can see how observing the feasts would help you in understanding that too" and its so true hey! We are really beginning to understand more and more about why Jesus came and what an amazing gift He has given us in Himself. Love to you always Jas :)

Lus x


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