Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So much to share part 5!

Some of the lovely ladies came from church to have a baby blessing/baby shower here for me and Sharon (another friend from church who is expecting her fifth baby) and we both let our girls stay up for it. It's a real tradition for us to do this for each pregnant woman in the church for each baby and I think it is just beautiful - a time to gather to pray for mum and baby and our families. Stass loved it. She not only helped serve and make the baby blessing books but she picked out a proverb (although didn't want to read it aloud when it came time which was fine too). It was Proverbs 23:13. I pray that both the girls see, from even this young an age, what a blessing and a joy it is to be a mummy. My friend Em made a most wonderful sling which I CAN NOT wait to try out and she gave us all a very funny demo using a plastic doll! Having candles burning, fabulous fellowship with these ladies and the blessing of the Lord's presence in my house made for a wonderful time. Really. It was just beautiful. I am very thankful.
Lus x

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