Thursday, February 5, 2009

She's just keeping us on our toes....

On Monday I started really experiencing nausea and cramping and back pains....not such a great feeling. I felt like i was going to pass out at the pool and then started feeling some major pressure on top of my tummy. It kept up this way until yesterday morning and i thought it was about time to see if i could squeeze in with the wonderful ob i've been seeing. When the midwife on the phone asked why i wanted to see him and i filled her in with the details she said that i should probably come in straight away to get checked over.

Brett came home from work and took over with the munchkins so i could head off to the hospital. They were great there and really compassionate. I was admitted so that they could monitor bub, monitor the pain/pressure and give me some iv fluids. I asked if it was possible that she had turned now from transverse to whatever they call the vertical position and that looks like exactly what has happened! Yay! She may turn again but that could explain alot of the pressure stuff. The glucose test came back higher in the initial screening so I have to go back next week for a four hour test for the whole gestational diabetes. So anyway, I stayed for overnight in the hospital and had a lovely little rest. After 3.5 bags of iv fluid, the nausea had gone and i had much more energy - praising God for that! I still have the pressure which is really uncomfortable but that may stay like that for another 10.5 weeks! It is more than likely that she is just readjusting to her new position and that is why i'm finding it somewhat uncomortable.

So, I'm certain she's just keeping us on our toes!

All is well other than that and I'll post more another time.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Hebrews 12:2-3
2. A private room with a lovely view of a green tree canopy in the hospital :) reading more of 'Educating the Wholehearted Child'
3. Brett going shopping tonight for us to save me
4. Helen coming to visit at hospital right at the time that they discharged me and was able to give me a ride home to save Brett - that was so lovely.
5. Sal coming around to drop off some clothing for us :)

Lus x


jess said...

sorry to hear you were unwell. But i have to say i only hear good things about the maternity ward up there and know they will look after you!!
Lets hope your little princess gets into a bit of a more comfy position for you!
Good luck next week with your GTT, i didnt pass the 1st one either!! Just enjoy being able to relax and take it easy for 4 hours!!!

lusi said...

Thanks Jess! You are so right about the maternity ward; they are fabulous people and it is a wonderful place :)
Hope you are well mate!
Lus x

Marie said...

hey Lusi,
you are in great hands,everywhere you go, at home and the hospital, so take it easy,let everyone take the stress and work for you.
be good baby girl, be nice to your lovely mum and stay in there for 10 weeks longer in a comfy position.

thinking about you guys. hey kids


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