Thursday, February 5, 2009

These memories are courtesy of the lovely Mell Mallin...

Thanks Mell so much for taking these for us. You are a wonderful friend and talented chookie. You can check out Mell's work on her blog HERE.
It's not like me to show lots of skin to the cyber world but there is something so special and unique about being pregnant - something that as a God-given miracle I choose to treasure and cherish and share with you.

Bless you,
Lus x
ETA: Check out Mell's Photography Blog: HERE


Anonymous said...

Nice tummy!!! Great the "hands on" one. I sent you an email earlier today as I had the need to know how you were going....then I read your previous post and realised you have been on holidays NOT(well a night all to yourself, it might have seemed that way). I hope she is simply launching into position and that your tests all come back good. Take care.
Much love
Kaz xx

jess said...

Wow, you look amazing Lusi!!!
What precious photos!! Mell has done an amazing job!!!
I love the belly shot with all the hands!!

miss~nance said...

Beautiful photos Lusi. Love the hands on and the pink bow. Gorgeous.


Marie said...

wow you look amazing lusi,

lovely shots, priceless photos

Anthea said...

arent you glowing! your gorgeous and so is your belly, pregnancy and babies are a beautiful thing, thankyou for sharing!

Sarz said...

I think you and your little fam are just lovely Lus!
Love Sar xox

Christine said...

Beautiful shots, Lus. Not long now, hey?


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