Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I had a wonderful afternoon...

...hanging out with some new friends I'm making through a wonderful homeschooling group here. I was invited to go and it was a time of prayer and blessing for my friend Sharon who is also in that group as she is set to welcome her 5th bubba into the world in a few short weeks.
There were scones, cups of tea, choc-orange biscuits.
There were stories shared, hugs and lots of prayer and blessings too.
I am so thankful for these *new* friends :)

And it was held at the old campsite place that we used to caretake about 6 years ago...remember that Sum and Anth? How i loved it there. It brought back many fond memories (and some hard ones too). It is now being used for a number of purposes - one of which is as a place of Restoration - where recovering addicts can come and be helped in God's presence. So wonderful to see that :)

My heart is rejuvenated.
I know I wrote that last night but see, the Lord knew what I needed TODAY. And He made a way for that to happen.
And He knows what I need tomorrow too. And I know He'll make provisions for that as well.

Tonight as Brett heads off to Bible study (after cooking a yummy lentil pie - thank you my sweet!) and when the kids are in bed, I plan on sewing some cushion covers. I think I need to do that for me :)

Thanks to those who have been praying for me this week - totally appreciated :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Time with new friends to be encouraged - silver linings :)
2. Brett's lentil pie!
3. Financial provision for the part for the car that we need
4. Stass losing another top tooth and it not hurting at all!
5. Mashed potato :)


Donna said...

God be with you too Lusi...sounds like you are letting Him be too, only a few short days you were having a very tedious time, and now you are bleesed with a lovely afternoon, with like-minded women..we all need sister-time.
Your cushion making & other home decor endeavours sound fun, but be careful not too tire yourself too much....remember you are a full-time teacher AND mother now...and you are growing another little person....rest dear girl..rest too.
If all else fails in the day mashed taters can fix anything!
Night Lusi, sleep well. xoxo Donna

Sumara said...

I sure do remember! Wow. Those were the days, huh.

I'm so glad you had a good afternoon with friends. :)

Like Donna said, love, remember to rest! Soon enough there will be far less time for it.

lusi said...

thanks girls :) I am resting and didn't get the cushions done last night - just slept earlier instead :)
appreciate your love!
love lus x

Rebecca Vavic said...

Love and hugs to you sweets.
THinking of you always.

Maz said...

Thinking of you and your gorgeous family.

Mmm, Lentil pie! Sounds delish!

Maz xx

singing mama said...

Hi Lusi :)
It was GREAT to meet you today! God is def good!!

I would love to catch up soon, my email is: singing.mama@hotmail.com

I loved the way you spoke boldly about God and your faith in Him, you were just the kind of person I was praying to meet today!

Luv Donna

Brigitte G. said...

Heyyy BEaudiful Mama Lusi !!!
sooooo long time i haven't been visiting...sorry but also my pc broke down for over 3 weeks grrrrr !!
anyway...so good to read that you're well with your beaudiful family :)
Hugs to you xxx

LSQ said...

Lusi, i just wanted to say that I love what you said on Feb 10th:

"It is about being humble, its about just taking down the walls and connecting with others rather than alienating each other in a false sense of always-having-it-together. I hope that makes sense :)

God Bless

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hey Lus, always love catching up with what you've been doing, I like to read your blog if I'm having a bad day as it always makes me feel better. Am loving your music and wish I had of been there with you to try that yummy pie, God Bless you and yours, not long to go now, Tiff :o)


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