Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is the gorgeous 'trust' scarlet bracelet that my lovely friend GAIL recently made and sent for me (oh it's Gail's hand in the picture too!)

On the back of the card which the bracelet was attached to is this:

The Bible, Joshua chapter two, the story of Rahab.She was a sin-filled woman with a controversial story,hand-picked to be part of His lineage, redeemed by faith.The scarlet bracelet is a visual reminder of the power of redemption.The ‘Trust’ bead is a reminder of our faith.To be worn on the right wrist to distinguish from other beliefs.

Gail was inspired by Angie Smith's blog to make this and I am inspired to trust in the Lord even more during a week like this past one!

I love the Stuart Little movies (i'm sure the books are better but hey..) and in the 2nd one the dad teaches Stuart to look for the *silver lining*. Here are a couple of situations this week that I've had to find a silver lining for and have otherwise i would be like little Stuart screaming his lungs out on top of the rubbish heap before he sees that cute yellow plane again. lol :)

When I opened the food pantry this morning (which had been shut all night) to get out brekky, there were about a gazillion and one ants crawling around in there and every single bit of food/box/container/whatever had to come out and be wiped down.
Silver lining? The cupboards are now all clean though! Yay :)

You know the strep B virus that you get tested for at 35 weeks? Well i know i'm not 35 weeks but for other reasons was tested for this at the end of last week and it came back positive so my antibiotics have been doubled to help fight this off before bub comes.
Silver lining? Yay that they found it so early and that there is medicine available to help my body with this :)

The kids have been full of energy today and it was still raining outside for part of the morning.
Silver lining? Stassi was able to spend time nailing her skip counting (yay Stass!) and because we have an undercover patio area, the boys were able to fang it around the table on their bikes for a little while 'till it stopped raining.

I am going to CONTINUE TO TRUST THE LORD that despite each difficult day/hour/moment, that there is a 'silver lining' in there somewhere waiting to be found!

I'm also reminded today of one of my favourite lines from the 31st Proverb:
verse 25: She is clothed with strength and dignity;
she can laugh at the days to come.
I'm trusting that I will be able to as well :)
Lus x


Scrapsister said...

Yay for silver linings and glasses half full Lusi.
Rahab is my 'favourite' woman of the Bible. I have been fascinated by her since I was very young. Your bracelt is awesome. Well done Gail!

Scrapsister said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lus

Love the silver lining - so good to always look at life that way. Sorry you had a low day the other day but glad to see you had an up day. I had a not so good day today so I know that an up day is soon.

Catch up soon, I hope.

Kaz :)

Manon Keir said...

Thanks for the reminder of silver linings, we forget sometimes!! :)

Anthea said...

I'm having trouble with the silver linings right now...but am loving verse 25! It gives me hope that I can get through - thanks Lusi xox

P.S: hope you dont mind me checking your blog from time to time - you just always seem to say the right things at the right time.

Rebecca Vavic said...

Love this post sweets.

singing mama said...

What a good reminder that there is God's good in every situation. Go the silver lining!

Luv Donna


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