Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So much to share Part 1!

You know some weeks just float by and not much changes - this has NOT been one of those weeks!!!! lol :) It's been a wonderfully eventful week with much joy, a little pain, a few tears, and some amazing answers to prayer.
I feel like I'm likely to leave out some of the important things but I'm going to try and recall most of the things that have happened anyway (and in point form!) :)

So here are the photos in this post...
1: Last week for our *art* lesson, the boys created some wall art that we put in a frame for their bedroom. Liji drew our family portrait (you can see he's included a big gorgeous dot in my tummy to represent bubby!) and Ethi drew a swamp! They are now mounted on their wall near a lamp which casts beautiful light on these beautiful art works :)

2. Liji's drawing on the *megasketcher* - can anyone guess what it is? It's our family parachutting out of a helicopter! Great imagination hey :) Love this!

3. Me at 30 weeks pregnant on the timer. Thanks to you Mell by the way for the prints you dropped in. I'll be framing the big one above bubby's cot - love them :)

4. Circle of Respect - this is a game that our good mate Lis has leant us which she got as part of a new Autism resources package and kindly let us have a turn with it. The kids & I enjoyed playing this one during the recent wet weather days.

More to follow!
Lus x
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lus

Wow Im exhausted just reading your blog parts. When do you breathe? Im glad you are surrounded by friends and happiness and enjoying it all. I have sent you a couple of emails, when you get a chance have a look.

Kaz :)


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